I’ve Watched So Very Many Paranormal Investigations — YouTube Ghost Hunters And Those With Programs On Television Networks — Most With Unimpressive Results

Have you found the same to be true?

I try not to be critical . . . but isn’t that the whole idea behind these investigations — to find proof that we’re not alone . . .

I’m impressed by The Ghost Finders. They have several crews working togethers and also separately. They either have better equipment or better special effects . . . And are much better actors.

I believe in the paranormal and enjoy a good ghost story . . . This video isn’t the best presentation, but it is different from what I’ve seen from other investigations. We get to see a witch’s ritual — something I enjoyed. Hope you will as well.

All Right — What Did You Think?

There was a bit of history. I think the difference for me was that these major ghost finders have psychic abilities . . . or highly intuitive. Their goal is to put the spirits at ease so they are comfortable and will cooperate.

That place was creepy, but the location is wonderful — great for kids . . . without the spookiness of the place. Just having a country feel would be wonderful. Too bad so many places have such an awful history. Not very pleasant for the living nor those who remained . . .

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