What’s Your View On Witchcraft?

With just about everything, if we look hard enough we’ll see the good and the evil in most things. It could be a self-fulfilled prophesy to find what we’re seeking.

I collect true paranormal stories from a variety of people. I usually find them, or they find me at my favorite coffee shop. This one, however, was shared with me at my favorite antique mall. I was with my psychic friend Michael who was looking for antique toys.

Jill approached Michael, telling him about a paranormal experience she had when she was 16. She didn’t know how or if the two events were related, but she wanted to know. It did have an impact on her life.

This may sound strange, but when I’m approached by people with a story to tell, they rarely invite me to lunch or coffee. But it seems every time I’m we Michael we get such an invitation. And, of course, we readily accepted and met Jill at a nearby restaurant.

Jill explained how she met and became fast friends with a girl from school who shared several months later how she and her mother practiced witchcraft. Jill had heard the rumors about her friend and her mother and how they supposedly belonged to a coven of witches. Of course, she was warned to stay away from them, but Jill thought it was nonsense and didn’t think much about it other than people can believe and practice whatever they choose as long as it isn’t illegal.


Jill and her friend “played around” with witchcraft. She was skeptical and didn’t take it all that seriously. Her friend and her mother and I suppose the whole coven was into white magic. But Jill didn’t really see any magic.

One night, Jill was given step-by-step directions as to finding her spirit guide. She was told to follow the steps precisely because if it was done wrong she would invite a bad or evil spirit guide. She was to do this when she was between light sleep and deep sleep.

Jill doesn’t remember ever trying the step-by-step method of contacting her spirit guide, but perhaps she did subconsciously because of what transpired.

But, Jill had also received a new bedroom set with an old antique canopy bed. And this particular night was the first night she slept in it.

She’s not sure if the two situations are related, but that was her concern.

Jill explained, “I was sleeping in my new canopy bed and when I woke up, I found I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed with my feet spread and my arms away from my sides with my palms up. I was also shaking uncontrollably. I also remember crying. I believe I was fully awake and this wasn’t a dream. I also remember my dog trying to jump up on the bed, but something was blocking him.”


“There was a black cloud hovering over me. I felt it was suffocating me. I truly believed that I was going to die. That there was a presence in the cloud that was pure evil and it intended to kill me.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a thick white mist. It was a positive presence. It seemed to be crying, filled with such sorry, a loss of losing something or someone very precious.  I do remember hearing it calling out to me, ‘let me help you, just say the words and you will be safe. Believe in me and I will talk beside you.'”


“I don’t know if I levitated, but it felt as though I was being lifted off the bed and sucked into the black cloud.”

 “I tried to kick my legs and scream, but the pressure on my chest and whole body were too strong. I do remember thinking about how I was too young to die. I hadn’t even experienced life yet. I started to pray and the more I prayed the worse the shaking became, And once I said Amen, the black cloud vanished and the pressure was released from my chest and body.

“I got out of bed and went running to my parent’s room, daring not to look back. I believed there was a battle going on between good and evil — I played my part and it was best for me to allow it to carry on.

Jill did return to her bedroom and lay down in her canopy bed. She felt a sense of calm come over her. She also said that since that experience, she can sense a person’s mood and whether there is a spirit around her.


Was there a spirit that came with the canopy bed and was angry that she was sleeping in it?

Or did she invite an evil spirit guide into her life?

Michael and I believe it was an entity from the canopy bed. It’s always a good practice to cleanse antiques before bringing them into your home. And, if at all possible learn something about the history of the piece before purchasing it. This is true of new furniture and other purchases as well.

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