Wanted To Begin CryptKickers.com With A Little Gift You Can Make For Your Friends And Family This Fine Month Of November

This fine box will be excellent for some delicious baked goods to share … or to hide a special gift … Perhaps a ghost story …

I do like Ray O’Bannon over at Ravensblight … He has a whole collection of wonderful haunted papercrafts you may enjoy.

Click one of the images below to begin making your own collection of Book Safes to have available for this holiday season.

Use Whatever Cardstock You Have On-Hand In The Color Of Your Choice

Decorate them however you like … Print them out and use them as templates to create a whole rainbow of book safes … 

You may want to become creative and make them in different sizes … 

They’re fun and easy to make … And fun to decorate for all of your special events throughout the year.

I do thank you for stopping by. Be sure to tell a friend or two about CryptKickers.com