Janitors Seem To Have A Lot Of Paranormal Experiences — Fortunately, Some Of Them Like To Share . . .

My friend Barb just returned from vacation. I invited her over for breakfast. I knew she had a ghost story or two to share.

Now you have to understand something about Barb. She not only enjoys a good ghost story, she wants to experience it as well . . . And when she came across this Janitor who worked at an old church that was converted into a recreational center, she had to visit it . . . at night . . .

First she had to get permission from the owner of the building . . . They met in the lobby-type area where there were comfortable chairs. She sat across from the owner, her husband was standing behind her . . . He’s not really into ghost hunting, but comes along for the ride . . . And is usually the first one out the door when something strange happens.

Of Course Something Was Going To Happen — Barb Is A Magnet To Spirits And Herb (Barb’s Husband) Was Prepared To Cut And Run!

The books on a side table next to the owner slowly began rearranging themselves . . . slowly shifting in position . . . Barb was busy listening to the owner and preparing to plead her case for conducting a paranormal investigation when one book came crashing down with a loud thud. (I have to hand it to Herb, he held his ground.)

Then doors started slamming off to the side of them and above them. There was also a rattling sound that Barb didn’t immediately recognize.

Barb could tell the owner wasn’t able to claim the place wasn’t haunted and they had never experienced any paranormal activity . . . But when the cushion of the chair seat next to the owner compressed and the chair moved slightly, it was the owner who stood up and was heading for the door.

Barb was right behind him to get permission to do her investigation which was granted as long as he didn’t have to be present.

Now Herb, didn’t cut and run, but stayed mezmerized by the chair cushion — it was as though an invisible person was sitting here enjoying the scenery . . .

When Barb returned, she heard Herb say, “He’s still there . . . “

Barb was thinking about setting up cameras and exploring the whole building . . . not the ghost sitting in the chair.

I’m with Herb wanting to know about this guy who invited himself to sit down and join the conversation . . . I would have gotten out my tape recorder and started asking questions . . .

I Love EVP’s And Fortunately Herb Had The Piece Of Mind To Turn On His Spirit Box Plus His Tape Recorder

The spirit shifted his position, according to Herb when he asked, “Who are you?”

On the recording you could distinctly hear a rattling sound  . . . and on the floor was a candy wrapper.

“I see you have a sweet tooth,” Herb said quietly.

“Yes . . .” came the answer “I only eat them in church . . .”

One would think this was a child, but it was a grown man named Hal who was a parishioner back in the early 1900’s. According to church records there was a notation next to his name about his love of hard candy he always sucked on during church services. It was also noted that one always knew where he sat due to the number of candy wrappers left behind.

Of Course, Barb Thoroughly Enjoyed Her Paranormal Investigation Exploring All Around The Former Church

She set up cameras and caught lots of orbs flying around . . . Doors slammed shut . . . She heard whispers coming from where there were once confessionals.

She heard chanting and got a bit spooked when some hooded figures appeared . . . But those were young kids from the local high school who were in a play that was being rehearsed at the now rec center.

Barb was disappointed that there wasn’t some black mass taking place from decades past . . . A reason for the current hauntings.

There were plenty of creaks and growns from an old building, but a couple of events stood out in Barb’s mind . . .

At one time when she was going up the stairs, she felt a hand grab her ankle. She instinctively tried to shake it loose and almost fell down the stairs . . . but was miraculously caught by an unseen hand that set her back on her feet.

Yes, she was a bit shaken, but soon realized that she was safe and no harm would come to her . . . (I’m sorry, I’m not that trusting — I would have been much more careful and much more hypervigilant. But I don’t go exploring haunted places in the dead of night.)

Barb caught a lot of EVP’s many of children singing. I always find it disturbing to hear such young voices on EVP’s, but it is all about the cycle of life . . .

One strange thing was that they couldn’t get into the basement. Everytime they unlocked the door, it would relock itself. They tried about half a dozen times before giving up . . . Thinking the door would magically open and invite them in . . . Nope, it never happened!!

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