An Apology Can Break A Generational Curse

It does sound rediculous. There’s no big ritual on a full moon in the middle of a rain storm on the third Thursday of a month with a letter R in the name. Why is it we would believe in a complicated ritual over giving a heartfelt apology to the one who made the curse?

I Was At My Local Coffee Shop Meeting A Few Of My Ghost Hunting Friends

I love to hear their adventures. They still tease me about running down the street screaming — I was in this dark creepy old basement . . . A cat popped up out of nowhere . . . Yes I ran screaming out of the basement, through the house, out the front door and continued screaming all the way down the street. I suppose I’m the definition of “scaredy cat”. They still invite me on their adventures from time to time — mainly for comic relief . . . 

While having coffee and conversation, a couple joined us to ask about breaking a generational curse that was placed on their family. They wanted to know whether it was possible to break the curse since those involved have been long deceased.

That’s an interesting question, I thought at the time. Of course I wanted to know more — who placed the curse and why? My friend Barb was right there to get to the heart of the issue. 

This couple were brother and sister — twins Patrick and Patricia . . . The curse was quite strange, but quite specific. All the twins born in the family would never find long-lasting love. It did seem to me that the one who cursed the family was a woman scorned. 

They found an old journal locked away in an old steamer chest owned by their great-great-great grandfather — who happened to be a twin. His twin brother was lost at sea. However, this grandfather did carry on — he was married 3 times, had one set of twin boys and 4 single birth children. It is believed by Patricia from the journal writing that this grandfather’s first wife cast the curse on him. Evidently, he was carrying on with another woman while they were married. Of these affairs, the women did give birth to twins. The first wife bore no children.

I’m not exactly sure why this first wife was singled out as being the one who cursed her husband and subsequent generations. She didn’t seem to be a practicing witch or knew any . . . Perhaps back then you wouldn’t tell others or keep such secrets written down in a diary . . . 

I Don’t Remember Who Suggested We Hold A Seance In The Cemetery

I was all for going to the cemetery to visit the graves of the deceased wives of the multi-great grandfather. But a seance . . . at night . . . at the cemetery . . . I quickly needed another cup of coffee and I had such a craving for a blueberry muffin. So I excused myself to fill my order . . . or keep walking out the door . . . Yet I was curious. What could we learn about this curse and could it be broken? 

I decided to take my coffee and muffin to go. As I was leaving, Barb’s psychic medium friend walked in. Saw me, greeted me and steered me back to the table. I don’t know how to best describe Barb’s psychic medium friend — you just knew on sight that she was either a crackpot or the real deal. Honestly, she was the real deal. I just expected a turban or an impressive witch’s hat. I was a bit disappointed — but she does wear black.

Raven, Barb’s psychic medium friend assessed the situation quickly and agreed to conducting a seance at the cemetery . . . at midnight!! I think she said that just to freak me out — or impress the twins. I was busy with my muffin when Raven asked if there was anyone who would not be attending the seance. My mouth was full . . . and before I could swallow, I got a sharp kick to my chin from Barb to keep quiet. I guess I was going — Barb was going to pick me up.


I Honestly Don’t Know Why I Wasn’t Looking Forward To This Seance

I loved that old cemetery. We had special permission to be there — the gates were locked . . . No one else would be allowed in . . . Except for the resident ghosts . . . I’ve met most of them over the years . . . They are a colorful bunch with varied histories . . . I wondered if any of the spirits I knew knew of the multi-great grandfather and his wives and other ladies . . . This could turn out to be quite an interesting seance.

As always, the residence ghosts were on-hand. They loved when a psychic was around or others who were sentive to their presence. The only problem seemed to be contacting the culprit who cast the curse . . .

Many times, spirits like to tell their stories. They sometimes have some unfinished business to conduct . . . or just want to torment the living. Whatever the case, more information was shared. And no one claimed to have cursed the family.

From what I gathered, the matter was resolved — the parties involved made amends . . . Now as far as the later generations and their problems with ever-lasting love . . . Could it have been a self-fulfilled prophecy? Better to have an excuse of a generational curse than looking at oneself — being attracted to the wrong people or one’s own behavior messes up a relationship. This is something for the twins of the family to work out.

I hope you found this post interesting. Thanks for stopping by!


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