There’s Haunted And Then There’s Haunted . . .

In my area, there are a lot of old houses. Some built in the 1800’s . . . I always find it interesting how land can be haunted and different structures on the land . . . What sometimes puzzles me is why certain areas in a home are “haunted” while other areas are not. I sometimes wonder if it’s “the heart of the home” or a portal . . . or just a place where the spirits like hanging out. Some claim it is where a tragic event happened . . . Not something I like thinking about . . .

I Met Bob At My Local Coffee Shop

He had a story to tell . . . and even brought his girlfriend along for verification. 

They’re staying in an old house built in the 1920’s owned by Bob’s uncle. He’s currently out of town on business and invited Bob to stay while studying at the University.

The place is old and massive. There’s always strange sounds. The pipes. Just creaks from the house settling. We’ve had some rain and cloudy days . . . So the mood seemed right for a ghost story. And with the wind and rain . . . lots of outside sounds and echoes within the house . . . But what Bob and Linda experienced, although fueled by the weather, was real and scary.

Bob was studying in his uncle’s office upstairs and Linda was studying in the library downstairs. Yes, they listened to the rain and the wind. They didn’t think much about it. Linda noticed that the rain drops sounded like footsteps. She got up, looked outside, but saw nothing. Bob had a similar thought about footsteps, but thought it was Linda coming up the stairs. He got up and looked around, but no one was on the stairs. He settled back to his studies.

There was a loud bang. Linda thought the wind blew the front door open. She went to check and there standing in the living room was a tall dark figure. There was a flash of lightning she could see from the open door . . . She stood there, unable to move. The look on the tall figures face was not friendly. She wanted to run back into the library, but her feet woudn’t move. The figure went upstairs. Each step was labored and heabvy. Bob was standing at the top of the stairs looking down . . . 


“That Tall Dark Mass Went Right Through Me!”

I thought Bob was going to cry . . . He was that scared and telling me, made him relive that experience.

I know that feeling. When I was moving into my house, I had a box in my hands and was going down my hallway into my bedroom with it. I encountered an ice cold force that went through me and knocked me down. I was shocked, scared and so cold . . . I have never felt that cold before . . . I thought I’d never get warm or feel “normal” again. It’s an experience you’ll never forget — fortunately for me, I didn’t see it coming at me!

When Bob regained his composure he explained how that mass went to the room where his uncle had a pool table. He heard the balls being hit and the balls rolling . . . With each smack, both he and Linda jumped . . . They knew that had to be a ghost and he was in the house playing pool.

Without discussion, they each started packing up their stuff and left the house that night in the rain. 

My friend, Barb, joined us and wanted more information and even asked to go to the house. Bob and Linda had no intention of returning, but with Barb’s insistence, they got her in touch with the uncle and Barb and her team went ghost hunting.

Well, I played my part by doing research and found the history of the place. The tall dark mass of a figure was a mean man who liked having fights at the local taverns. He’d come home drunk and angry. His wife and family left him. I was pleased I didn’t learn of a murder . . . but he did die in the house. He fell down the stairs . . . 

Bob’s uncle reported seeing a figure crumpled up at the bottom of the stairs. He saw it . . . then it was gone. He had his suspicions about the place being haunted, but thought it was a trick of the lights or something — his imagination. But, yes, he heard things from time to time — the noise from the pool table. He traveled a lot and decided that he wouldn’t bother the ghost as long as it didn’t bother him.

So . . . there you go. I hope you enjoyed this Real Ghost Story. Thanks for stopping by!