Lina Asked If It Was Possible To Create A Ghost . . .

During the Christmas season of 2016, Lina’s husband was murdered. At the time she was 7 months pregnant with her daughter. Lina continued to stay in the house she shared with her husband . . . But two years ago sold the house and moved. She didn’t think it was healthy for her daughter and after years of therapy made the move.

What prompted this question . . . and this post was the fact that Lina was contacted by the realtor who sold the house. The new owners claimed the house was haunted and Lina didn’t disclose that her husband had died in the house. The truth was that her husband did not die in the house — it was at a shopping center . . . But Lina believed she created the haunting through her grief . . .

Lina Told Us That She Would Pace In The Kitchen After Hearing Of Her Husband’s Death And For Many Years Thereafter — She Was Crying, Holding Her Stomach — She Was In So Much Emotional Pain

The new homeowners reported hearing footsteps in the kitchen and uncontrollable crying. They were not sure if it was a man or woman . . . On one occasion they claim to have seen the image of a woman holding her stomach standing in front of the kitchen sink.

My initial reaction was residual energy created by Lina’s grief. But someone else suggested PK Entity. This was new to me. I’ve heard of certain people being able to “create” or to manifest energy in a way that manipulates everything around them (poltergeist). In rare cases these people can actually pull enough energy to create a conscious, all be it primitive, entity into existence. But this is extremely rare. 

The thing is, this P.K. Entity is created without the person being aware of it, from negative feelings, stress or trauma that hasn’t been properly dealt with.

These “beings” are very dangerous if they are capable of gaining an awareness of it’s self. At this point it must create negativity in it’s environment by any means necessary to both gain power as well as survive. And it will unless you can rid the environment and yourself of the negativity that brought this creature into existence in the first place.

These entities can and will cause harm to any persons within it’s reach. These entities, once strong enough, can also trap human spirits to the property. P.K. Entities are VERY dangerous. When you suspect this may be a P.K. Manifestation it would be wise to contact a trusted medium to help you verify and remove this manifestation.

So no, Humans cannot create ghost only knock offs, so to speak.

Well . . . That creeped me out!! How about you? If you have more information about this, please leave me a comment . . . Or just your opinion about this particular Real Ghost Story.

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