All Hollows Eve Is Definitely In The Air . . .

One of my favorite Halloween stories is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I remember reading it when I was younger . . . much younger and wondering what really happened to him . . . Yes, the Headless Horseman got him . . . Or gave him such a terrible fright . . . Or was it time for him to move on after his proposal to the fair Katrina was rejected?

Was he run out of Sleepy Hollow by Brom Bones and his gang?

I’m delighted the temperature has dropped and brought with it a bit of a chill in the air . . . A perfect atmosphere for telling ghost stories and legends that have captured our imaginations for generations.

I do have a couple of videos to share with you . . . Perhaps I’ve placed them in the wrong order . . . I did feel a summary of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow may be helpful to get you in the mood of the actual story depiction . . . I sometimes do like reading introductions so I’m not completely caught off-guard by what is to come. And, I was hoping the explanation would give you a bit more depth into the story itself . . . And, of course, it is always good to question the truth of any given story . . . But . . . it is also fun to enjoy a chilling tale . . .

Taking A Look At The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow By Washington Irving

Are You In The Mood For Another Ghost Story?

It Gets Closer Every Time I Talk About It

There was a group of four college kids visiting the local pumpkin patch. They each decided to get a couple of pumpkins — one to practice on and one to take uncarved to the Halloween party they were going to. The pumpkin carving contest was a big deal and not everyone was invited to participate. Of course, you needed to be an art major. And being a freshman as all four friends were, they would be on display for ridicule.

Kyle didn’t seem to care what anyone thought. He was confident that he would win the contest hands down. He decided not to practice on his spare pumpkin. He went to his room and either took a nap or was working on one of his many art projects. It was all top secret for him.

Something spooked Ben at the pumpkin patch. He walked off into the field and told the others he’d meet them at the party later.

The remaining two, Mel and Phil were busy carving their spare pumpkin. They did draw out several possibilities before getting to work.

Well, as it turned out, Kyle did win the contest and Ben never arrived at the party.

But he was in the apartment when Mel and Phil arrived home from the party. Ben didn’t look too well and what he told Mel and Phil didn’t make them feel very comfortable.

It seemed there was a person out in the field beckoning Ben to come and see something. He was a bit afraid initially but thought the person may have needed help. But the closer Ben should have gotten to the figure, he never seemed to be getting any closer. The figure was still way far in the distance.

Ben saw a couple out in the field and he asked them if they saw that guy in the distance. They said there was nothing out there.

Oh great, Ben thought, I’m seeing a ghost.

That kind of explained why it seemed to never get closer . . . except when he pointed it out to the couple, he wasn’t sure, but he thought it was starting to move towards him.

Ben walked quickly out of the field and back to where he left the pumpkins he intended to purchase, but he didn’t stop to gather them and pay for them. He quickly got out of the pumpkin patch and caught a ride with a couple of girls that were in his art class and were going to go to the party.

He shared with the girls his experience of seeing a ghost out in the field. They shared a story they had heard that was quite similar to Ben’s . . . except the person who went out in the field was never heard from again.

The girls dropped Ben off on campus. As he was thanking them for the ride, he saw the figure watching him near a row of trees not too far away. Ben was unnerved by this. He didn’t want to go to his apartment. He didn’t want that ghostly apparition to follow him.

He caught up with some friends and asked them if they saw the apparition. They didn’t see anything. But once again it seemed to move closer.

Ben decided not to talk about it to anyone else. He would wait until the cover of darkness to go home.

Of course, Ben told Phil and Mel. And when he looked out the window, the figure was down on the sidewalk — watching. And, when Phil and Mel looked, they saw nothing.

I wish I could tell you more about this story, but in the morning Ben and all his belongings were gone. Mel and Phil thought he checked out of school and went home — being spooked by the ghost in the pumpkin patch.

But it does make you wonder if that thing got him or if Ben went out to confront it and was never heard from again.

Well, that creeped me out! Thanks for stopping by!