I Was At My Local Coffee House Where I Met Dana And Heard About Her Terrorifying Experience 

Everyone handles their personal paranormal experiences in their own way — I was focused on a spiderweb attached to the gate outside the patio area of the coffee shop . . . Dana was so uncomfortable telling of her experience that I couldn’t listen . . . I was feeling her experience right along with her. Sometimes in the telling it is very much a re-living . . .

Dana Wasn’t Sure If She Was Dreaming Or Awake

This “dream” seems to begin the same way. I feel as though I’m floating in the ocean. Way high in the sky I see a dark cloud of smoke . . . Then I know I’m awake because I see the dark cloud of smoke floating up to the ceiling of my bedroom . . . And there were shadow figues moving very very fast — too fast for my eyes to follow.

I remember feeling so tired, it was hard for me to keep my eyes open and stay awake . . . I felt as though this dark cloud wanted me to fall asleep . . . But I had to fight it!! I tried to get up, but I was pinned down — I could move my arms and legs, but my body wouldn’t move . . . Something was sitting on my chest — that pressure felt like heartburn.

I continued to fight it, but I wasn’t feeling well at all. I just wanted to lay back and sleep. I heard this really loud bang and a shout that sounded like my grandmother, “GET UP NOW!”

Dana’s grandmother had died a few years ago. The bang she heard was her grandmother’s picture falling on her night table.

With a jolt, Dana felt herself forced back into her body . . . She saw fast moving shadows above her and a bright orb . . . It exploded into the shadows.



Dana was aware she was now fully awake — no smokey clouds, no shadow figures . . . But she still felt pressure on her chest and heartburn.

When she’s out of her apartment, she feels fine — no pressure, no heartburn. After she’s home for awhile it starts with the heartburn . . . Then feeling very tired and being forced to lay down. She remembered feel very cold . . . and afraid . . . afraid for her life!!

Her eyes were drawn to the window — she saw a shadow figure behind the curtain. It was as though it was mocking her . . . not hiding, but wanting her to see . . . She asked it who it was and what it wanted. All was still and quiet, but she knew it was still there lurking and watching . . .

Dana got out some candles and sage. She lit them and started smudging her apartment. She prayed. The sage and a couple of the candles blew out.

She relit them and continued praying. She could feel anger in the air. She kept praying and smudging.

All was quiet, but Dana decided to stay with her mother and move out of the apartment. She knew she would never feel comfortable in there again. She did wonder if she would ever be able to live on her own again.

I hope you enjoyed hearing of Dana’s paranormal experience — We wish her the very best in the years ahead.

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