You Can Definitely Have Some Fun With An EMF Meter To Uncover Haunted Items

It’s truly amazing what you can find at antique malls, estate sales … even in your own closet at home … that could be haunted …

That’s truly a scary thought!!

Watch the video to the right to see how Omar Gosh TV discovers some haunted items.

Omar Gosh TV And Kris Star Are Out Searching For Haunted Stuff In An Antique Mall


I Would Hope They Continue With A Series Of Videos Regarding Their Haunted “Finds”

It’s something you can do and discover what is haunted in your own home … uncover those sounds that go bump in the night !!??

That seems a bit creepy … but who knows … In the links below you will find such a meter along with other stuff of interest … You can be well equipped for the New Year to dazzle your friends and family with old haunted stuff …

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