Watching Some Of Omar Gosh’s Older Videos

I thought this one was interesting because it brought together several paranormal investigators to this one cemetery.

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Everyone seemed to be having a good time and were delighted by the surprises.

An Adventure At The Spring Hill Cemetery

I Enjoyed This Video Due To The Unexpected Events …

I don’t know if Omar left that evil haunted doll there … or not … He had to do what seemed right to him …

I don’t know what I would have done … What about you?

I do wonder a lot about the paranormal … haunted places and haunted objects … I wonder about the EVPs that come through … What was the motivation of wanting to leave the doll at the grave … Was it so evil that it wanted someone to pick it up and give it to a child or someone they knew … perhaps not necessarily for their good … Evil is not something any of us want to mess with … but there are times that evil will mess with us …

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