In The Quiet Countryside, There’s A Plot Of Land That Is Not So Quiet.

Boy Scout Lane’s mysterious history has captivated the imaginations of locals for over two decades. Enveloped in intrigue and urban legends, the road’s stories vary from chilling tales of vanished scout troops to tragic accidents that claimed young lives. However, despite the haunting narratives, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims. In truth, the name Boy Scout Lane stems from a different narrative altogether – once planned to be a Boy Scout camp, the land now stands as a testament to the power of stories that endure through time.

One warm July night, Ruby, Erin, and Michelle embarked on a thrilling adventure to Boy Scout Lane after stumbling upon an intriguing story at a local bookstore. As they ventured onto the road, an undeniable sense of unease washed over them, as if unseen eyes were fixated upon their every move. Despite their youthful nature, they tried to dismiss these unsettling feelings with lighthearted banter and humor. They explored the road, turned back, and found nothing out of the ordinary. However, little did they know, the true tale awaited them upon their return home.

Michelle connected the video camera to the TV and pressed play, expecting to find nothing of interest. But as the footage played, an intriguing moment caught their attention. Right after Ruby coughed, a chilling whispering breath could be heard. It wasn’t any of them. Michelle, Erin, and Ruby exchanged wide-eyed glances before turning their focus back to the screen. Suddenly, a bright ball of light flashed across the frame in a mere instant.

While Ruby captured their drive back to the main road, she unwittingly pointed the rolled-up window towards the field that was destined to become a camp. Like most people, she never imagined that spirits could transcend physical barriers. To ensure she wouldn’t miss anything, Ruby had the infrared light activated on her camera. Surprisingly, nothing stirred in the field. However, their gaze was met with sheer terror when they spotted a face pressed against the window. Dimly lit by the camera screen, the figure remained obscure. The trio’s fear erupted into screams.



Glancing at the rearview mirror, they noticed two fixed lights in the upper corners.

Boy Scout Lane lay far from the city limits, and no car trailed behind them. These lights persisted until they were deep into town. Avoiding any return trips to that location, they shared the tape with others who reported witnessing the same phenomena. Though uncertain if Boy Scouts truly haunted the area, Ruby acknowledged that something inexplicable lingered. Stevens Point’s rich history made anything possible, further solidifying Ruby’s belief.

Let’s Watch Some Professional Investigators

I Enjoy Real Ghost Stories And Believe Everyone’s Experience Is Different — With Some Similarities . . .

It’s always difficult to capture spirits on film . . . We always like to show proof of our encounters, but sometimes it is not possible. I believe people see what they saw and feel what they felt — Sure, some people may make up ghost stories, but most of the time they are telling the truth.

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