How Many Times Have You Taken A Pleasant Hike In The Woods With Friends?

I would venture to say at least once. And most likely it was a very positive experience. No strange encounters or anyone getting hurt . . . Now what kind of a story would that be for me to tell here at CryptKickers!

Not a very exciting one! I met Lisa at my local coffee shop. She just returned from visiting a friend in Vermont where this “ghostly event” took place.

Lisa and Rose (her friend who had recently moved to Vermont) went hiking in the woods with Rose’s Mom, her Mom’s boyfriend, the next door neighbor and his son. 


It Was Rose’s Mom’s Suggestion That They Take A Hike In Hamilton Falls

Rose and Lisa walked ahead of the group. They were following a well-worn path to the falls.

They started hearing sounds — not animals, but as though they were being stalked . . . They were quite a distance from their “hiking party” so they knew it wasn’t any of them that were following them . . . They shrugged off the uneasy feeling, but they were still very alert to their surroundings.

They heard branches snapping and footsteps. They looked around, but couldn’t see anyone or anything behind them or off to either side of them. They stood still for a few minutes to get a good look around. Nothing seems out of the ordinary . . . They joked about there being a ghost or fairies . . . And they started talking to them explaining they were out on a hike with others to see the beautiful falls.

That uneasy feeling got stronger and they instinctly started walking faster — even sprinting towards the falls. (Now, as for me . . . I would have been running out of the woods towards the others — safety in numbers . . . but this isn’t my story :))




Rose and Lisa were tired after their run and decided to sit on some rocks to rest — and to compose themselves.

All was quiet, so they decided to continue following the path up to the falls . . . They saw a sign marking the path to the falls . . . But they didn’t find the falls . . . They came to a deadend. So they went down another path and found a stream . . . They were feeling a bit disorientated . . . They heard snickering in the woods . . . whispers . . . Lisa was sure they were being led astray by some strange entity and it wasn’t good.

They heard Ron (Rose’s Mom’s boyfriend) calling to them. They immediately ran back up the hill towards him. He asked where they went and they explained how they came to a deadend and couldn’t find the path leading to the falls. He then showed them a clearly marked path that Lisa and Rose swore wasn’t there when they first started off.

They stayed at the falls until dusk and decided it was time to head back. 

Once again Lisa and Rose ventured off ahead of the others. They started getting those odd creepy feelings again. They started running back to the car.


They Had To Slow Down Because Rose Was Getting Really Freaked Out!

She explained how she felt as though she wasn’t really there — it seemed as though a wall was between them . . . she was watching them running and as she was talking to Lisa she could barely hear herself.

 Lisa looked behind them. She could see two figures following them. One turned out to be the neighbor with his son on his shoulders, but the other was big, white and floated — at times seemed to blend into the trees.

They waited for the neighbor to catch up to them, but that ghostly creepy figure seemed to be moving at the same pace . . .

Where was Rose’s mother and Ron?

The neighbor explained that the others had taken a break and he continued on. Lisa pointed behind him at the ghostly figure — he turned around . . . There was no mistaking that he had seen it too . . .

They ran towards the car . . . then they had second thoughts. That thing was out there and Ron and Rose’s Mom would be coming up to it . . .


Finally they saw Ron and Rose’s Mom walking towards them . . . they seemed to be laughing and truly enjoying themselves.

Rose was in a full blown panic attack and Lisa wasn’t too far behind.

Ron and Rose’s Mom claim to have not seen the ghost in the woods . . . It was unbelievable that they missed it . . , or was it not meant for them to see?

It does make you wonder . . . was it real . . . or the product of an overactive imagination? I would rule out the latter because the neighbor saw it, too.

This was a ghostly encounter Lisa will never forget . . . nor will I.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this true paranormal experience of the ghost variety.