I Remember Watching A Program About A Haunted House That Was Infested With Tarantulas

The woman was preparing a shopping list — her husband and children left and she was in the house alone. She heard scratching in a cupboard in the kitchen . . . Involuntarily, I lifted my feet up off the floor and tucked them in the chair where I was sitting. I wanted my bare feet off the floor before the woman opened the cupboard to investigate.

Whenever I hear scratching I think of that program . . . and tarantulas . . . Oh my goodness!!

I Was Placing Flowers Out At A Cemetery During The Wee Hours Of The Morning

This is usually done before a big holiday like Christmas, Veterans Day, Fourth of July — of course Mother’s Day . . . I used to like doing it, because it was always quiet and peaceful. Once in a while I’d see a ghost or two, but they were just curious. I remember one guy who was stumbling around and with everyone he met would ask, “Do you see me?” Most of the others who were working didn’t see ghosts. So, he’d get no answer. Then he came up to me and asked, “Do you see me?” I answered, “Yes, I see you.” He stared at me for awhile, stepped back, restored his balance, then stepped forward and asked again, “Do you see me?” Again I answered, “Yes, I see you.” He turned around, walked away, turned back and said, “Far out!” Then continued stumbling and mumbling away from where I was working.

A Few Weeks Later I Saw That Same Guy In The Front Bedroom Of My House

He wasn’t stumbling around or mumbling to himself, he was writing on my wall!! What he wrote wasn’t at all kind or appropriate for me to mention here.

Of course I confronted him in not a very kind tone asking what he was doing in my house and why would he write such filth on my wall. I probably said something stupid like “Who’s going to clean up your mess?” I knew it was going to be me. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to get this ghost out of my house and to stop writing on my wall.

As it turned out, this young man used to live in my house and that front bedroom was his. He had an overdose of some drug he got from one of his friends . . . He didn’t die in my house, but he almost did. Fortunately, his sister went in to tell him to turn off his music. She found him unconscious. The paramedics came and took him to the local hospital where he died. This was back in the early 1960’s. So this kid has been bumbling around the cemetery for all these years asking if someone can see him. Then, when I can . . . And he comes to my house I want to get rid of him.

Well . . . as it turned out, this kid came back after I repainted the wall. Yes, he was back writing obscenities again. I told him to stop!! He stopped and stared at me. Then he said, “You’re not her.” I had no idea who he meant — his sister, his mother . . . So I asked, “Who were you expecting?” It took him awhile to process what I asked. Then he said a name, who was the neighbor who lived next door. I have to admit, I wasn’t very fond of her either.

Evidently, the writing on the wall referred to this neighbor lady, not to me. So . . . I suggested he go next door and write his message on her wall. He sat down and I can only assume he was thinking about it. And then he said he would.

A few months later, a For Sale sign was on her property. The neighbors said she was planning to live with her sister. I think it had something to do with the young ghost and the writing on the walls. But no one talks about such things in this neighborhood.



I Know On Windy Or Stormy Nights I’m Thinking Of All The Ghost Stories I’ve Heard Or Seen In Movies

It’s interesting how all logic goes out the window when the imagination is sent in overdrive. I admit I have an over-active imagination at times — especially when it comes to things that “go bump in the night.” I hear things in the attic — I have a crawl space, but no real attic. And all those crazy things that are under the house or in the basement — I don’t have a basement, but a crawl space under the house . . . Oh no!! 

With all the disturbances I’ve had since moving into my house, I decided to call someone to investigate. I was hoping he would tell me that there was nothing out of the ordinary . . . Yes, I knew it wasn’t true. I was hoping the ghosts would stay away. Or I would stop attracting them. 

He thought there was a portal in my house and I needed to go under the house and place a few objects around that would close the portal and keep them out of my house. So I did what was necessary. I still have disturbances, but not to the degree I had before. Yes, I suppose it did work . . . but it wasn’t fun being under the house, with who knows what crawling on me!! That was a nightmare!!

The really funny thing was when my resident ghost Frances was still here, she was really interested in what this ghost hunter had to say and what he wanted me to do under the house. I was hoping Frances would be able to do it . . . but she said she’d help get me to the right spot.

There I was under the house creeping around on my back holding stuff on my stomach as I inched my way to where I heard knocking. I had my flashlight pointed up to where I was going to place the objects. I saw a face coming at me — You know the creepy face when you shine a light under your chin . . . Well, it was Frances pushing her face through the floor to see where I was and I was looking up to where I was going to place the objects — I screamed, Frances screamed . . . we screamed again and again . . . I think I may have wet myself a bit . . . 

Maybe you had to be there! I thought it was funny!!

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