At This Point I’m Unsure How I Feel About Curses

I’m not one to say curses don’t exist … I just don’t know how I feel about this particular “cursed grave” … 

I love visiting cemeteries … The thought of having cursed graves about makes me feel quite uncomfortable … I don’t want to stumble upon one and find my life would be cursed in some way … A creepy concept!!

Let’s Delve Into This Tale Regarding The Curse Of Carl Pruitt’s Grave


A Real Ghost Story Or An Urban Legend … The Fact Remains That When Visiting A Cemetery We Must Be Respectful … Not Because Of A Revengeful Ghost, But Our Of Respect For Those Who Have Been Layed To Rest

I am more concerned about the lack of respect than the tale … Why would anyone demonstrate such disrepect to a final resting place?

A murder-suicide is nothing to mock. It is horrible for the families concerned … I can see how betrayed Carl Pruitt felt finding his wife in bed with another man … There were other options available to him besides murder … divorce being one … but he was overcome with anger that he reacted … and later thought about what he had done … 

My goodness! I wouldn’t want one of my loved ones to be labeled as the “Chain Strangler” or any such label regarding murder … So maybe Carl’s ghost is reacting to the label … I wouldn’t want my life to be reduced to a final action …

What are your views?

I hope you enjoyed this presentation … and it gave you pause to consider curses, urban legends, ghosts … and other paranormal or logical explanations.