It’s Horrible When You Experience Paranormal Activity In Your Home And No One Believes You

The worst part is living with the unknown/unseen entities. This is truly a creepy haunting . . . don’t watch it in the dark!! It’s truly a horrible story — mutilations . . .

Amy, fortunately comes up with solutions. Not everyone can cut and run — which I may want to do in that situation. I don’t like it when spirits attack children or the innocent. This family did nothing except move into a haunted location. 

Possession is truly a creepy situation — I suppose it’s no fun being dead and being earth bound. Hopefully I won’t experience that — I would prefer to go to my reward when the time comes.

Lots of crazy stuff happens . . . too bad others have to suffer the consequences decades later.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Dead Files. Thanks for stopping by!


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