A Fun Papercraft To Pass The Time During This Holiday Season

It may be considered a bit creepy to have these as place cards on your holiday table … but you could have some fun with them …

Ray Keim from Haunted Dimensions has a lot of other great papercraft products that would go along with these crypts in a smaller size to go along with his Liberty Square Mansion. It’s worthwhile for you to take a look at all Ray Keim has to offer: Haunted Dimensions.

I Hope You’ve Clicked The Crypt Image And The Haunted Dimensions Links Above To Do Some Exploring

I love all the Disney buildings along with those at Universal Studios … Ray Keim does a beautiful job with his papercrafts and directions. 

You’ll find a great assortment to display along with your Tarot cards … I do hope you have visited us at MysticalKeys ..

I Do Wonder About Haunted Places And Why So Many Ghost Hunters Visit Cemeteries …

I can understandspirit w how many cemeteries are beautiful and how nice it is to add flowers to some of the older ones … But do spirits normally hang out near their grave?

I had an experience a number of years ago where a young would ask everyone he saw, “Can you see me?” When I asswered “Yes” he said “Far out!” and kept on his way asking his same question.

I’ve also seen some ladies from the 1800’s who were having a tea party. They were dressed in their elegant splendor of their era. 

I’m sure crypts and cemeteries can be quite interesting … but if I’m going to “haunt” a place, it would be my home … or perhaps an amusement park … I wonder how that would be …

I do thank you for stopping by and hope you will print out something to make from Haunted Dimensions … And leave him a donation … Tis the season …




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