Are There Common Events That Happen Among Haunted Houses?

Step into Mary’s world, where the veil between the living and the supernatural is thin. Her haunted house holds chilling secrets, but perhaps you, too, have encountered eerie occurrences in your own home. Unravel the mysteries and connect with others who’ve felt the presence of something otherworldly. Dive into the realm of hauntings, where every creak and whisper holds a story untold.

Uncover the chilling tales within the walls of Mary’s childhood home, where inexplicable occurrences became a part of their daily lives. From her younger brother Mark’s unnerving sleepwalking escapades to her oldest brother Tom’s unshakable fear of the unseen eyes he knew were watching him. Mary remembers hearing whispers of the supernatural that seemed to linger in every corner of the house. Explore the enigmatic realm of hauntings and connect with others who have felt the presence of something otherworldly. Step into the world of Mary, where the line between the living and the supernatural blurs, and where each creak and whisper holds a story untold.


Tom’s encounter with unseen voices in the night left his mother curious and concerned. Despite his anger, Tom’s silence couldn’t extinguish the mysterious presence that lingered. As the clock struck 3:00 a.m., a divine moment unfolded in their home, revealing a glimpse into the hidden realms. Their father woke up, startled by Mary’s uncontrollable giggles, he assumed she was lost in dreams and continued downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of milk. While he was pouring the milk into the glass, it shattered. Bewildered, he shrugged it off that he must have been half asleep himself.

Awakening to the commotion, their mother sought answers, only to discover Mary was wide awake, engaged in conversation with an otherworldly companion. Tom, standing in his doorway across from Mary’s room was an eyewitness, he spoke of her connection with “Jeffery,” the one belonging to the eyes he knew were always watching. In this shared experience, their understanding of reality was forever altered, leaving them to ponder the boundless possibilities that lie beyond the veil.

Things became a bit more clear after their mother did some research — she asked the neighbors. One neighbor knew of a family who lived in the house named Jeffery, but the people who lived there before Mary’s family moved in were believed to be devil worshippers. Upon learning of this their grandmother insisted their father bless the house — “where evil was, the holy water would stay.”



After the blessing, the family’s everyday lives found a semblance of peace and normalcy. Mark’s sleepwalking ceased, while Tom’s teenage angst subsided to a manageable level. Mary bid farewell to her enigmatic companion, Jeffrey, at the tender age of seven. However, not all spectral encounters vanished entirely; they merely became less frequent.


A consciousness pervaded the household as the family acknowledged the presence of five ethereal beings.

Mary, with her innocent perception, has sighted two of these apparitions, while the identities of the remaining three remain shrouded in mystery.

The echoes of their existence linger in your ears, as one ghost’s ethereal whispers brush against your senses, while the subtle fragrances of another’s cologne and perfume linger in the air. In this realm where the tangible meets the intangible, the family continues their extraordinary journey, navigating the fine line between our world and the supernatural.

I don’t want to make this about my haunted house, but since this is my website I guess I can . . . I am drawn by some commonalities — although different — my ghost was a teenager who did die in my house from an overdose of drugs and revived to later die in the hospital. He was around for quite some time writing on my walls — I finally convinced him to go haunt the neighbor and write his obscenities on her walls because it became clear the messages were for her, whom he hated, and not for me! When she moved away I thought he might come back, but I guess he is still haunting her or moved on . . .He was into devil worship — I had a lot of triple sixes on the walls and pentagrams. It was creepy!

I suppose we can’t completely escape the behaviors and practices of those who have previously resided in our houses. Blessings can make a difference, but some things seems to linger and take on an essence of their own — I guess that could be the definiton of a haunting. And, so much is unknown — the land and what went on before the house was built … some things will remain a mystery until we get a brief glimpse of it.

I become concerned when hauntings affect children — sleepwalking is quite common as is hearing voices and being told to do things — some things may be quite harmful. It’s always good when I learn that other members of the family were aware and open to the apparitions and paranormal activities that were occurring and discussed it openly among themselves. It’s no fun when others think you’re nuts!

I hope you liked Mary’s real ghost story and will come back and visit us again. Until next time,


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