Not All Paranormal Activity Has To Be Frightening And Earth Shattering . . .

Very often there are simple explanations . . . although annoying until we find out the cause.

This one was fairly simple, no real need to conduct a formal paranormal investigation, but when Barb and her friends get a willing participant and a house where paranormal activity is occurring . . . well, they can’t help themselves.

From hearing Earl’s story, I knew the cause, but Barb and the others wanted to experience this for themselves.

We met Earl and his father, Dave, at our favorite coffee house.

Here’s Earl’s story:

“Every night, at around 6:30 pm, just as we’re sitting down to supper, we hear the front door being opened. We have two well-trained dogs. They don’t bark at just anything, and they rarely bark at all,  but for the past six nights, the sound of the door being opened, gets the dogs barking and running to the door. When me and my dad get to the door, the door is closed and locked. The rug in front of the door is in place. there is no indication that the door had been opened. When we go back to eat our supper, within 5 to 10 minutes, we hear the door open again. At times we get a cold rush of air going through our whole body, and I feel like I have just walked into a freezer. We also feel like we’re being watched. And other times we just get these chills running up and down our backs. We just don’t feel safe in our own house. We can’t afford to move . .  . so I guess we’re just stuck.”


I Was Getting Chills As I Heard Earl’s Story

It reminded me of a door knocker I picked up at a garage sale quite a few years ago and put on my front door. I was having a similar experience with my front door opening at odd hours of the day and night. It wasn’t exactly at the same time every night for me. But, I had a feeling the door knocker could be the reason . . . but, of course, Barb and the others wanted to do an investigation and not tell them to remove the door knocker . . . or even ask about it . . . I had noticed it in a picture Earl showed us and I was curious about it.

While Barb and the others were making arrangements to do a paranormal investigation that night at suppertime, I was talking with Dave, Earl’s father about the door knocker. 

It came from an old house owned by Earl’s mother’s family. When that old house was destroyed in a hurricane, the family sent the door knocker to her — it was something that seemed very important to her since she was a child and the family thought it was only right that she have it. 

Evidently, the old family house had gargoyles on the roof which cast huge scary shadows at different times of day which scared Dave’s wife when she was a child. Her grandmother told her not to be afraid that the door knocker would protect her.

When she received the door knocker, she truly believed it would protect her and her family. As soon as she received it, Dave put it on their front door. Everything was fine, until about two years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. They didn’t associate the diagnosis with the door knocker and I’m not saying there is a connection. The only connection is to Earl’s mother and the door opening during suppertime is to have them think of her and her way of letting them know she is looking after them.

All Spirits, Even Those We Welcome Of Our Loved Ones Are Cold — Giving Us Chills . . .

And that feeling of being watched can be unnerving even by a loved one. 

I know I took much of the fun out of a paranormal investigation by explaining to Dave, what I was sensing was the reason for the paranormal experiences they were having. It didn’t hurt to have others experience it and draw their own conclusions.

The Paranormal Investigation Did Proceed At 6 am To Get Everyone In Place, Including The Dogs


Barb and her team were pleased to receive footage of the sound of the front door opening and the dogs barking and running to the door. 

When the apparition of Earl’s mother came, I thought Barb was going to faint . . . but she’s a real trooper and held her ground.

It was a good investigation. It gave Earl and Dave answers and a more positive reaction to the sounds of the door opening and the cold chills and the feeling of being watched.

They are feeling much more comfortable in their home. They know they are being protected not only by the door knocker but also by Earl’s mother. This is quite comforting to them. The dog’s barking has changed to one of greeting. They missed her as much as Earl and Dave. It’s a welcoming occasion now at 6:30 every evening at suppertime.

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