I’ve been visiting RavensBlight for years — I was totally into their haunted houses. Now I found some gift boxes you can download, print, cut out, fold . . . and fill with all kinds of goodies — to eat or to treasure.

What do you think? Just click the image and you’ll be taken to the PDF you can download — for FREE!!!

Haunted Television Gift Boxes

The shelf sitters above have been guarding my bookcase for years — they are particularly fond of guarding my Tarot cards . . . It may seem strange to have these guys out all year — they’re just like family to me . . .

You may find them to be quite good company — they are great listeners.

You may want to make one of each . . . I started out with the Pumpkin Guy, I also gave him a buddy — another Pumpkin Guy. I wanted something more colorful so I went with the Black Cat all decked out in his finest threads . . . He needed a friend, too. I’m not really into skeletons that much . . . maybe it’s your thing. Decide what you would like to make and display on your shelf or inside cupboards . . .

I hope you enjoy these. They’re kind of fun.

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