Ouija Boards … Oh My!

We’ve all been warned … but do we heed that warning?

Is it a harmless game? Or is there something sinister about it?

Thoughts of possession … madness … hauntings … have been associated with the Ouija Board … What do you believe?

Let’s Look Into The History Of The Ouija Board


Pop Culture Has Truly Influenced Our Views Regarding The Ouija Board

There have been several movies on the subject … Referenced in sitcoms and private videos … I would think it very rare that someone doesn’t know anything about the Ouija Board … 

I’ve heard stories … I choose not to have one in my home … But is it evil?

That’s somethingh you need to answer for yourself …

If you’d really like my advice … Stay Away From The Ouija Board … I saw one creepy Ouija Board movie that, to this day brings chills up and down my spine … Yes … it was just a movie … But … I believe there is some truth mixed into poetic licence …

I’d be interested in hearibng your views about Ouija and Ouija Boards … I know of some individuals who collect all kinds of Spirit Boards … Does changing the name make a difference?

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