I Met Ryan At My Local Coffee Shop — I Almost Choked On My Coffee When He Said He Was Being Haunted By A Demon . . .

This is the story of Ryan’s younger teenage years, a time of wonder and invincibility. As a child who thought he knew it all, Ryan delved into the world of magic and the paranormal, starting small with reading, studying, and exploring tarot cards. His father as a knowledgeable witch, he felt an added sense of safety. Little did he know the twists and turns that lay ahead. But that’s a tale for another time. Ryan felt he had a natural talent for the mystical, honed by his father’s guidance, drip by drip.

Naturally, curiosity led Ryan down a path of seeking knowledge, which brought him to an intriguing encounter with a mysterious Ouija board. Despite his father’s initial caution, the allure was too strong to resist. Visiting his friend’s house, they ventured into his sister’s room, a place brimming with spiritual wisdom. As darkness engulfed them, the flickering candlelight intensified the eerie atmosphere. Their initial encounters with spirits were unremarkable, but as time passed, things took a peculiar turn.


These entities posed bizarre requests, tempting them to repeat their words or delve into personal inquiries.

Yet, the strangest request of all was to move the board to Ryan’s home. Naive and clueless, they willingly obliged, unaware of the path they were unknowingly embarking upon.

There’s a mysterious tale that unfolded in a garage, where an entity known as “SAM” — not the real name, but I don’t want to extend an invitation —  made its presence known.

After bringing the board to the house, the strange occurrences began. The oracle confirmed its identity, and the words it spelled out were spoken aloud, shifting the atmosphere. And although the board was eventually put away, the disturbances persisted. Only with Ryan’s father’s help, together they confronted and contained the spirit. 



They put the board away and vowed never to use it again. Days later, things in the house started going awry. 


Ryan called his friend, Mike, asking if anything peculiar had happened. Mike said no and thought that Ryan was making a big deal out of nothing.

So what that while they were using the Ouija Board the garage got cold, but they felt clammy. Ryan actually became physically sick, thinking he was going to throw up. Then things started moving around by themselves — some parts of the garage seemed to glow. Yet Ryan seemed to be the  only one who was noticing these things until his dad came over to spend a few days. And even he would refuse to enter the garage.

Eventually, he pulled Ryan aside and asked for the story. Ryan told him, and he dealt with it… To an extent… He managed to keep this spirit/demon/whatever in the garage, and stop creating chaos.


Ever since Ryan moved from that house, this spook has become increasingly hostile. He never makes physical contact, but he disrupts Ryan’s sleep. Things like gruesome gory nightmares and threats while in his sleep, whispering less than savory things to him when nobody is around, and screaming and making sounds from other rooms. Even when other people are around. Only occasionally will he reveal himself to others, but they see and hear the same things Ryan does when it happens.

There are plenty of Ouija Board stories warning us not to play around with them and definitely don’t call out demons. Many of the stories end like Ryan’s with him being tormented seeking relief.

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