Sarah Lived In Her House For The Past Five Years And Only Recently She Has Been Experiencing Paranormal Activity.

Upstairs, when no one else is around, there are footsteps, whispering, and knocking. Even in the bathroom, the radio station changes when someone is taking a shower. Sarah’s sister lives with her, but she is the only one who witnesses these disturbances, causing Sarah to question her sanity.


The two most active rooms are the bedrooms, with the sister’s room being particularly eerie. The temperature drops in that room, and shadows are known to move from there to Sarah’s room and even into the bathroom. It is in Sarah’s bedroom where she has encountered a ghostly woman. Sarah can’t understand why this activity has suddenly started. However, she believes that the spirit is either mischievous or intentionally trying to frighten her.



In the kitchen, there are two cupboards side by side.

One of them contains the salad plates on a smaller shelf, with the larger plates underneath. Surprisingly, all of the salad plates fell out of the cupboard one morning, and only one of them broke. The shelf wasn’t disturbed, and the other plates remained intact. It seems impossible for this to occur without someone pushing the plates down.

This all seems quite normal for those who live in a haunted house. The “impossible” turns out to be reality. Since Sarah told me what was happening in her home, I got her in touch with some people who agreed to help her.

Sarah’s Neighbor Passed Away Several Months Ago

After the funeral, Sarah helped the neighbor’s daughter take care of the house to get it ready for sale.

The woman’s daughter gave Sarah a small music box. Sarah had it in her bedroom on her dresser. Evidently, this music box had a secret compartment in it where the woman kept a safe deposit key. There was also a note the woman left for her daughter in that compartment along with the key.

This explained the apparition in Sarah’s bedroom, but not necessarily the cold spot in the other bedroom or the disturbance in the kitchen . . . other than a ticked-off ghost who was trying to get someone’s attention.

I’m wondering if the elder neighbor thought Sarah stole the music box . . . And we believe ghosts know what’s going on . . .

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