Why Is It That Some Of The Most Beautiful Places Are Haunted?

It is troubling when a haunted house can change the behavior of some of the people. This is what Kathy found to be true of her mother. Although the house and the grounds were lovely, the house seemed so dark — heavy — making it hard to breathe. Kathy made the mistake of making such a remark and her mother’s retort “You don’t know what you’re talking about, so keep quiet.” This was completely unexpected — not at all the response Kathy expected. She was sure her mother would have agreed with her.

You May Think The Title A Bit Dramatic, But That Is How Kathy Felt The Moment They Moved Into Their New Home

Kathy Was Eight When Her Parents Bought This Beautiful House In The Woods

They got a greal deal on the house and the five acres of woods because the house and property were rumored to be haunted. Of course, Kathy’s parents dismissed the haunted notion as nonsense. But Kathy knew differently . . . it seems kids have a sense about such stuff . . . or an over-active imagination . . .

It didn’t take long for the house to show “its true colors” . . . and the woods as well . . . Kathy’s father wanted to refinish the hardwood floors downstairs. He and a couple of his buddies came over to help do the job. They moved the furniture and started to work. When the sander was turned on, the radio played . . . When the radio was turned off to get the sander working, the lights turned off. They checked the fuse box, but there were no burned out fuses. They put in new ones just to make sure. Then the electricity throughout the whole house went out.

The electric company was called. The connections to the house were working. It was suggested they call an electrician . . . which they did. The electrician suggested they rewire the whole house . . . Once the electrician left after being told no way were they going to do that . . . That the lights turned on, the sander turned on and everything seemed to be working as expected.

Nothing was said, at least in Kathy’s presence about the electrical incidents. They just spoke of how lovely the floors looked. This was fine, because Kathy had an “incident” of her own to work through.

A couple of her dad’s buddies brought their families with them. Kathy was out exploring the woods with a few of the other kids. They talked of stories they heard about those very woods. Kathy listened politely, but thought they were just stories the kids were making up to scare her. But when they seemed to be trapped in the woods, going around in circles . . . Kathy thought differently. Then she remembered how they had walked through two trees — she remembered thinking how strange it was to have two trees on the edge of a pathway the mirror image of the other . . .

Kathy found the “twin” trees, led the way through them and they were now on  their way out of the woods and back to the house. 

During lunch, no one asked or talked about their adventure in the woods. There was an uneasy tension in the room — the whole house, Kathy sensed, but said nothing about it. 

Once lunch was over, both the guests and hosts were eager to part ways. Kathy went to her bedroom to look up something about trees that were a mirror image of each other — she remembered hearing about it somewhere . . . And it was . . . a portal . . . There was a portal in the woods allowing all kinds of spirits to roam freely in and out and round about . . .

“Throughout The Years Living In That House We Had Electrical Issues — We Just Sat In The Dark And Waited For Things To Get Back To Normal,” Kathy Explained. “We Were At Their Mercy . . . They Didn’t Have Any Mercy To Give Us.”

Nights were horrible, Kathy recalled how the faucet in the bathroom would turn on or off . . . the toilet would flush . . . There were doors opening and slamming closed. She could hear furniture being moved or thrown across the room . . . She even felt hands pulling away the quilt on her bed and those same hands grabbing her ankles and dragging her out of bed and onto the floor.

Kathy swore she saw a woman and little girl . . . ghost . . . standing outside looking up at the house . . . their house . . . Once she saw the little girl playing in her bedroom . . . The strange thing is when she realized what she saw, it vanished. She heard her mother calling her and when she went to see what her mother wanted she was told she hadn’t called her.

Kathy’s parents made excuse after excuse trying to explain away the paranormal phenomena — the house settling, the water heater, the furnace, old plumbing, old wiring . . . even the weather . . . When one day they finally admited that the house was haunted by a family — at least a mother and daughter. Her parents had consulted a Ouija Board to get answers . . . I know what you’re thinking . . . 

The woman’s name was/is Florence and her daughter, Hope. In between getting information, chaos ensued with books falling off the shelves, pictures falling, the piano playing, doors and cupboards slamming . . . Her parents have been pushed, pinned to the floor, kicked and scratched . . . They, too, were living this nightmare . . .

Unfortunately Things Got Worse — Kathy’s Mother Became Extremely Ill 

They immediately put the house up for sale, packed  their belongings and rented an apartment. Kathy’s mother’s health improved dramatically after moving. But it wasn’t the health issues that prompted the move. The night before, Kathy’s father was pinned down in bed with a pillow pressed over his face and a very strong vice-grip around his throat. He was sure he was going to die and it was the house that was going to do it!

Communication greatly improved between Kathy and her parents. Her father even apologized for not acknowledging the apparitions, he, too, had seen in the house and in the yard.

It’s a shame the length some go through in their denial of paranormal activity . . . Some need to have it proven in a way they can’t explain away . . .

As I understand it, the new owners moved out after a couple of weeks. They’ve had several renters who, too don’t stay long.

It is remarkable how Kathy and her parents stuck it out for ten years . . . I guess Florence and Hope don’t play well with others.

I do wonder about that portal in the woods . . . 

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