Living in a haunted house is no picnic. There are spirits that bring forth a cold breeze . . . they can move objects — even toss them about . . . Watch the video to the right and see what Kim Russo uncovers for Sally Struthers.

It is quite unnerving to hear your name being whispered . . . also hearing foot steps . . . and a sense of being watched — or knowing a ghost is in the room with you — maybe even touching you . . .

There are more and more people who do believe in ghosts — they may have seen an apparition of a person in the hallway or on the stairs . . . or in the kitchen — I wouldn’t want to see a ghost peering at me through a window — that would definitely creep me out! Yet in many movies that is exactly what they show . . .

There is a lesson for all of us in Sally’s experience — forgiving . . . there could be other unfinished business that needs to be addressed . . . Spirits are around us. We don’t have to physically see them or even sense them , , , We just need to express ourselves openly and honestly if we do have something to say to someone who has passed. It’s never too late.

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