In 1979, Three People Were Murdered In A House Near A Dirt Field. 

In a quiet corner of town, a tragic fate befell two brothers and their sister-in-law. Mysterious and heartbreaking, their lives were abruptly cut short, leaving behind an eerie silence within their boarded-up home. Standing as sentinels, two loyal white dogs faithfully guard this somber property, deterring any unwanted intrusions. As whispers of curiosity flutter, the secrets within these walls remain locked away, forever haunting the imagination.


In the quiet fields near their childhood home, Ray and his siblings would joyfully ride their bikes, exploring the open spaces with carefree abandon. The once lively barks of dogs guarding the nearby fence would startle them, prompting them to distance themselves from their territory. But one fateful day, as they approached the familiar fence, the dogs remained eerily silent, fixated on a haunting sight. Their young eyes glanced up to a window, only to witness three figures watching them intently. Fear gripped their hearts, propelling them to swiftly retreat.

Little did they know, the police would bring them back, suspecting their involvement in some unknown wrongdoing. As they explained their encounter, the chilling truth unraveled before their eyes. The house, long abandoned, had no trace of recent visitors. The owner solemnly stated that the dogs had passed away weeks prior, rendering their sighting inexplicable. It dawned upon them that they had not only witnessed the ghostly apparitions of the three murdered souls but also the ethereal presence of the departed dogs. 


Today, the remnants of that house stand as a poignant reminder of the mysteries that lie beyond the mundane, forever etched in Ray’s and his siblings’ memories.

In the shadow of the forsaken house, an eerie emptiness haunts the desolate lot.


Whispers of a malevolent presence linger, a restless spirit waiting for unsuspecting souls.


The tales of what transpired within those walls still echo in the collective memory, a chilling reminder of the darkness that cannot be erased. No soul dares to disturb the soil where the house once stood, for fear that whatever killed them may await its next victim. The empty lot stands as a silent testament to the unspeakable horrors that unfolded within, an eternal warning etched into the very fabric of this cursed land.


Seeing something like that would undoubtedly shift your perspective on life after death, no matter who you are. Ray and his siblings were fortunate enough to witness an extraordinary event that countless individuals fervently seek. It bestowed upon them a precious glimpse not only into the afterlife but the very essence of heaven itself.

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