A Supernatural Experience Story

We met Elizabeth at our local coffee shop. I was having my favorite blueberry muffin with my cup of coffee when this young woman came over, introduced herself, and said she had a supernatural experience to tell.

My friend Barb was much more receptive than I — I had just taken a big delicious bite out of my blueberry muffin. Hey, my mouth was full. I did, however, gesture for her to sit down. Which she did.

Well, this supernatural experience happened to Elizabeth when she was about 15 years of age. She’s around 35 now. I guess it does take time to find someone to tell . . . or be ready to share such an experience.

I’m Always Eager To Hear A Good Chilling Tale During The Halloween Season . . .

Elizabeth jumped right in with her story. She explained how desperately she needed help. She was in her bedroom and praying. She had her Bible and a lit candle on her small night table.

“I wasn’t feeling any better with the prayers and decided to blow out the candle. I stood in front of my night table for a long time before deciding to leave my bedroom. I asked God to give me a sign.

“As I opened the bedroom door to leave, I was surrounded by the sound of the ocean. I didn’t feel as though I was alone in my bedroom. I wasn’t afraid, it was kind of comforting.”

“As I turned my face over my left shoulder to look behind, I felt a very strong pressure pushed my face forward. It didn’t feel cold or hot or windy, it was just a soft pressure.”

“It pushed my face forward and suddenly, from behind me came two flaming white bright lights the size of basketballs.”

“There was one on my right and one on my left. They flew across the hall that was in front of the bedroom door. And behind these brilliant bright balls of flaming light, there were rays of white light left behind, as though painted with a paintbrush on my walls.

“These balls of light were coming around fast and furious. It was no longer just a pressure, my hair was flying all over the place.

“I just stood there staring at the bright balls whooshing all around me.

“When they reached the very end of the hallway across from me, I heard my sister call me.

“Suddenly, the balls exploded and I was completely surrounded by white bright light like that of a flash from a camera but even brighter. I couldn’t see myself, my hands, body, or anything around me, just bright bright light… oh my God, it was truly amazing. Then, the light shriveled up into nothing, and my sister showed up at the other bedroom doorway across from me and asked “what was that… I saw like a bright light… what was that”.

Elizabeth was shocked by what had just happened and surprised her sister had experienced it, too.

The sisters had a good talk. And while Elizabeth was talking she glanced over at the night table to see the candle she blew out was lit once again.

Elizabeth did receive a sign. There was no denying that. It was even confirmed by her sister who experienced the bright lights whooshing about.

I asked Elizabeth if she had a message to share from her experience. She didn’t take long to explain that since she was able to ask God for a sign, she believes that all of us are capable of doing the same. We are much more powerful than we may think. We can pray and ask for a sign — maybe we won’t get brilliant bright lights whooshing around, but if we are sincere and are truly asking for help and guidance, we will receive a message.

One thing is for sure, Elizabeth and her sister both had an enormous supernatural experience they will never forget.

I believe we receive answers to our prayers. They may not be as dramatic as Elizabeth’s experience, but if we pray and sit quietly, we will receive an answer. Sometimes it is feeling much calmer, knowing things will work out.

Wow! I hope you enjoyed this chilling tale of bright lights swirling around.

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My Friend, Barb Never Wants To Pass Up An Opportunity To Go Exploring Old Creepy Places During The Halloween Season

And, for some reason, always wants to drag me along with her. Of course, she gets permission and a key. There are no breaking-in and no trespassing violations.

Fortunately, Jan was sitting close by and heard Elizabeth’s story and had one of her own that she wanted to share.

I was in the mood for a good ghost story, I didn’t need to go to a creepy house and get the wits scared out of me. Anyway, I wanted another cup of coffee.

Jan jumped right in telling us of her parent’s divorce and how a year later she and her mother were living with her mother’s boyfriend, Eric. They had to move to another city which meant Jan had to attend a new school. But she quickly made friends with a girl who was superstitious, but not afraid to try something at least once.

Jan and Heather decided to use Heather’s sister’s Ouija Board.

I was taking a sip of coffee and almost spit it out when Jan said Ouija Board. Maybe it would be better for me to go with Barb to her haunted place.

They began their session with asking questions about religion. They were both raised Catholic and had some questions. They were not too happy with the answers they received. They were disappointed, abandoned the Ouija Board and went into Heather’s bedroom to talk.

They weren’t talking for very long before they heard shuffling noises outside her bedroom door.

Jan thought it might be Heather’s sister outside the door walking around in the hallway. Heather assured her that no one was home and wouldn’t be home until well after dark.

Afraid to open the door they turned on the light and watched her door from across the room, praying that it would remain shut. Unfortunately, the door did not remain closed.

You know how you’ve heard stories or seen in movies of doors creaking open on their own. Jan expected the door to creep open slowly making a creaking sound. Well, that’s not how it happened. The door violently swung open, revealing the dark hallway. And about that same time the lightbulb in the overhead light burst.

Jan didn’t know how long they sat in the dark room screaming. They did have the peace of mind to get out of the house and go to Jan’s house where her Mom and Eric were home.

Heather spent the night at Jan’s house. The next morning they cautiously entered Heather’s house and found her bedroom completely trashed. All of her clothes were out of the closet and the drawers and tossed about the room. Even her mattress was laying next to her bed.

When Heather’s parents came home, they called the police and reported it as an intruder. It baffled the police, they didn’t know where the “intruder” entered from, what his motive was, how the light just burst and not a single fingerprint was found.

The girls thought they were finished with whatever they heard shuffling in the hallway — they almost convinced themselves it was an overactive imagination.

But every night between 2:30 and 3:30 A.M. for the next month, Jan was hearing her name being called out in the night. On several occasions she would be forced awake by her bed violently shaking.

Jan’s mother was far from sympathetic about what she was experiencing. She concluded that Jan was seeking attention.

It got so bad, that Jan refused to sleep in her room and on many mornings was found sleeping on the couch in the living room. This went on for a few month, then stopped.

Jan tried to forget about it, but she just couldn’t. She had this feeling that something was lurking right in front of her in the darkness waiting.

She did move in with her father and his family. He was much more understanding and gave her space to heal. Just as she was getting settled and comfortable in her new home and school, it started up again. She would hear her name being called and she had horrible nightmares of “unspeakable horrors.”

Sorry, I didn’t ask Jan to explain “unspeakable horrors.” Since she would wake up in a cold sweat always at 5:00 A.M. I kind of didn’t want a mental picture to haunt my dreams.

It still happens today. If she has a dreamless sleep, she’s awakened by her name being called.

Jan is a college student now and she is not the only one being tormented. Her roommate has been physically attacked by whatever it is.

Of course, we’ve discussed the dangers of using an Ouija Board and we gave Jan the name of a few people to contact to try to rid their lives of this entity.

Gave you two stories. And, after this one, Barb wasn’t eager to go to her haunted creepy old house. We’ll do it some other time.

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