Have You Ever Wondered If You Chose Your House — Or It Chose You?

I’ve owned many homes in my life. It seems we’re attracted to them for one reason or another — or it is just a feeling . . . A feeling that this is where you belong. I’ve heard a lot of stories where people knew no way could they afford their “dream house”, but it was offered at a reasonable price . . . Sometimes those stories have happy endings and others live a complete nightmare . . .

Ever Since Brad Was A Child, He Was Obsessed By The Stapleton House

So no one was really surprised when Brad went to an estate sale at the old Stapleton place and bought it . . . He told his wife Anne that he was going to buy a rocking chair that was listed in the ad. But I’m getting ahead . . . let me back up a bit to give you a clearer picture.

Brad grew up in North Terre Haute, Indiana. He was visiting some friends and they brought him to my favorite coffee shop to share his story.

As a young man, Brad would go to a local store named Stapletons. It was located behind a gas station and across fromm a local tavern. The old man that owned the store was a scary looking fellow with a hardened face and flat top hair cut. He had a raspy voice and a no nonsense personailty. The man seemed harmless, but Brad got an eerie vibe from him. He and his wife lived near Brad’s parents house. He remembered riding his bike over there and just staring at that lovely house — wondering what it was like inside and how it would feel to live in it . . . He always thought it strange how he never saw anyone at or around the house, just dimly lit lights on at night.

Brad Immediately Began Tearing Out The Old And Creating A New Home For Him And His Family

He pretty much gutted the whole house in hopes of modernizing it. The place was huge . . . and beautiful.

Brad’s obsession was real — he would work late in the night . . . most nights sleep there and awake to continue working. He was sensing something — strange feelings that would make the hair on the back of his neck stand out — and there were cold spots . . . This was after he stripped the basement and walk out attached two car garage. 

One night Brad and his father were working in the basement. He had just cut a huge hole in the living room floor to place a stairwell to the new basement family room. They heard someone open the back door and walk across the floor to approximently where they were but above them.Brad yelled out — but there was no reply. Brad went up the ladder to investigate. He saw no one, the doors were closed and nothing seemed to have been disturbed. Brad was puzzled, but decided to laugh it off.

The next few nights were filled with strange happenings, Brad encountered moving cold spots that would chill you to the bone. He shrugged it off as “drafts” from an old big house. Tools would be moved . . . He heard walking footsteps . . . Then the noises one hears from the kitchen when preparing a delicious meal . . . 



One night on a hot summer evening, Brad was working and his dog Sam a German Shepard was very nervous, barking and growling at something. Brad ignored it, until he heard a loud bang coming from the master bedroom. He attributed it to being a drafty old house . . .

I believe there are logical explanations for many things that happen in and around your home . . . but we do need to acknowledge that there is a power although unseen at hand — as was the case in Brad’s house. He learned not to only listen with his ears but to acknowledge his inner feelings — first impressions . . . intuition . . .

Finally, the house was finished and Brad and his family moved in.

It didn’t take long before they were all experiencing strange things . . .

Every morning all the cabinet doors in the kitchen were open.

They heard someone come in the back door, walk around, opening and closing doors . . . lights would turn on and off . . . TVs would turn on and the volume turned way up . . . Lamps and books would fly across the room and smash into the wall. This wasn’t anything Brad could shrug off or find a logical explanation.

The house was haunted!!

Brad’s marriage wasn’t good and neither was his relationship with his daughters. They blamed him for buying that house and moving them in — spending every last drime they had on the remodeling . . . They were living a nightmare . . . Strange noises, water running, toilets flushing . . . walking in the hallways at night — even the rattling of the door knobs.

Things got worse . . . Glasses flew out of the kitchen cupboards in the middle of the night — they could hear the breaking glass. Doors and windows would open and slam shut . . . Clothes would fly out of the closets in the bedrooms . . . They were receiving a strong message to leave . . .

The house tore them apart. It changed Brad and his family forever. Brad moved out shortly after while divorcing,

Many strange things happened while he was living there, He tried to explain them and convince himself that it was nothing. He was wrong!

The whole experience did something to Brad that will forever be with him. He dreams of his experiences in the house from time to time. He strongly believes he left something unfinished there, but can’t quite figure it out. He gets close . . . but it eludes him . . . and haunts him . . .



The House Was Sold Shortly After Brad’s Divorce.


It sold in three days. Brad wonders if the new resident are having any paranormal activity . . .  He would love to talk with the new owners, but fears that it will open a chapter he can’t finish — or maybe doesn’t want to face . . . 

Brad knows what he saw, felt and heard while living in that house . . . It was haunted . . . 

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