What Would You Do If Before Moving Into Your Dream Home Received A Threatening Letter?

There are times when you are househunting that others are doing the same. It is also possible that you could fall in love with a property, make a bid on it and another buyer outbids you or there are several offers — all higher than yours. You may be able to bid higher or you walk away. There could be disappointed, prospective buyers . . . Is this the reason for the letter?

There are plenty of beautiful homes out there that would be perfect for you and your family. Maybe it isn’t your first choice, but it is better than being harassed by a “watcher” or perhaps the neighbors. Would you want to live in a house or neighborhood where you were not welcome?

I understand buying a home is a major investment. It’s also emotional on many different levels — dream house, perfect for raising your family, great location, etc. Yet, I believe your safety and that of your family would be so very much more important.

There are different ways of the handling a situation — no matter how unpleasant it can be. I would have contacted the realtor and from there the previous owner. I would then want to get out of the deal or put the property back on the market without all the gossip, etc. which made the property lose value. Deals fall through, people change their minds . . .

This Was Quite An Ugly Situation That Seemed To Escalate

If a problem is brought to your attention, it is best to resolve it immediately. Yet, I can understand how some people want to fight for what is theirs and hope for the best possible outcome. But we know from the number of movies and perhaps from our own experiences that things don’t always turn out as expected or preferred.


I admit I’m a chicken and a very private person. I would cut my losses and get as far away from that place as possible. I’ve seen movies, where there was a house owned by someone who lost it, and the new owners were tormented by the previous owners. Is it worth holding on to something that may not be meant for you even though you paid for it?

Well . . . It Did Go Public . . .

There Was An Investigation . . .

This is an interesting mystery. I do like mysteries. I like reading them in books and seeing them in movies . . . not in my own home and neighborhood with a creepy watcher who wants to bring harm to my family and me.

This does bring up a lot of creepy images to mind of being watched — a most uncomfortable feeling.

I enjoyed the video and hope you did as well. I don’t know how isolated a case this is or could be, but I would imagine that there will be many more copycat type of incidents that will terrorize people from moving into a home they purchased. I wouldn’t waste my time or affect my mental health by staying in a home or neighborhood that didn’t welcome me. But that’s just me.

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