Walking Home From A Party Along A Deserted Road . . .

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This has the makings of an urban legend — something I thoroughly enjoy!! This is Shane’s real ghost story — it was a cold autumn night when he was walking home alone from a party on a dark and deserted road.


There’s this old church where people say that if you walk by it at night, something will follow you.

Shane didn’t believe the story. It was only later that he made the connection. It wasn’t long before he felt someone staring at the back of his head and he heard the faint tapping of footsteps walking along behind him.

Shane was too scared to turn back and look behind him to see who was there — he followed his gut, looked back and saw no one . . . 


 After walking a while, he heard a little humming coming from behind him. He tried to ignore it and kept walking, but a bit faster. He picked up his pace a little faster, he heard the humming as though someone was whispering in his ear. Then, he felt a tap on his shoulder!!

Shane was so petrified that he ran all the way home. He rushed inside, locking the doors and windows. He called out to his mom, but received no answer.

There was loud pounding on the door. Shane called out in a weak voice “Who is it?”. Nobody answered. He stood where he was for quite some timethen, when he could move, he ran up to his room and dived under the covers on his bed.

Shane wasn’t sure how long he hid under the covers before hearing footsteps walking around downstairs. He immediately thought it was his mom, but then realized he didn’t hear the front door open.

He heard the footsteps outside his bedroom door and heard before seeing the door handle turning.

The bedroom door flew open and Shane was face to face with a pale-looking young woman dressed in white. He heard her call his name and told him to follow her. Shane explained he was tired and wanted to go to bed.

She vanished. 

Shane looked around the house, upstairs and downstairs — nothing.

From then on Shane believed the story of being followed when you walk past the church.

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