What’s Up With All The Late Night Hitchhiking Ghost Stories?

Reminds me of that urban legend where a man sees a young woman on the side of the road — asks if she needed a ride . . . she gets in . . . she’s cold and he gives her his jacket . . . He takes her home . . . She disappears . . . He goes to the front door, knocks, asks about the young lady and is told of her death years earlier . . . The next day he drives by the cemetery to find his jacket on a grave stone . . .

Did You Hear Something?

I thought it would be cool to have such a painting in my house and tell ghost stories . . . Oh well . . . Maybe I’m the only one who sees the humor in that.

All right let me focus on the story . . . Bob’s a cab driver. He was tired, it was the end of his shift and he was on his way home — evidently Bob owns his cab or can drive it home . . . He sees a young woman standing on the side of the road wearing a blue dress — evidently she attended a party or school dance. Of course, Bob had a hundred and one questions to ask the young woman like what are you doing way out here? Why didn’t you get a ride with one of your friends? And on and on . . . Instead she gave him detailed instructions as to how to get her to her home . . . 

Bob was familiar with the area and the route . . . one he rarely took because there was a steep incline to the right with no guard rail . . . if he inched too close, he’d go into the ditch. He slowed down. It was pitch dark — no moon . . . there was a bit of a misty fog that didn’t help Bob’s visibility. 

Bob noticed the girl stopped talking . . . she was looking out the side window . . . she opened the door . . . and jumped out!!!


Bob thought he was going to have a heart attack. He stopped the car, eased it off the road onto the embankment, stepped out and ran back to where the woman jumped out of the car. He looked and looked, but didn’t find anything . . . or anyone.

He continued on to the address he was given. Took a deep breath, walked to the porch and knocked on the door. He was greeted by an elderly man who told Bob that he wasn’t the first to come to the door with such a tale. It seemed that ten years earlier his daughter did lose her life in a car accident on that road. Evidently after a party and reckless driving the door of the vehicle flew open and she fell out . . . and died when her head struck a huge boulder.

What truly bothers me about this story is that this young woman’s spirit or ghost is reliving the events of that night — maybe the party . . . but that horrible ride . . . and her death . . . I don’t have the details of if it happens just once a year at the same time or at odd times throughout the year . . . 

I hope you enjoyed this real ghost story. Thanks for stopping by.