My Friend Barb Can’t Pass Up Hunting For Ghosts

I don’t know if my dislike is more for attics or basements. I think basements creep me out more, but I’m getting ahead of the story.

Tom bought an old house a couple of years ago. He was doing some minor maintenance repairs. Of course, a new roof and replacing windows. That seemed to be the extent of the repairs Tom explained. It was expensive, but it was necessary.

Tom was hearing footsteps running in the hallway outside his bedroom. He pretty much ignored it. Admittedly too afraid to get out of bed to investigate. He knew his house was locked up and secure. He suspected he had a ghost but wasn’t ready to confront it or get confirmation.

One night he was facing the open door when he heard running footsteps, he opened his eyes and was face to face with a child, a little girl of about eight or nine years of age. She was dressed in a dark-colored dress and her head was tilted to one side at quite an odd angle.

The girl was standing under the drop-down stairs to get up into the attic. Tom had never been up there and wasn’t eager to go investigate alone.

So there we were at Tom’s old haunted house going up in an attic . . . An attic where I believe the young child met her death . . . Hanging from the rafters in the attic . . .

I like to do my research. We have a great historian at our local library who loves ghost stories. He can get people to talk about stories they’ve heard and then he does more investigating to see if there are deaths that go along with the gossip.

Times Were Tough In The Late 1800 and 1900s

I Was More Interested In Finding Some Interesting Antiques Instead Of Finding A Ghost

We did have a good look around the old house. With the hardwood floors, it would be easy to hear running footsteps in the still of the night.

With the creaking of bringing down the attic stairs, I imagined it to be the sound of a rope swinging from the rafters wrapped around the neck of the young girl. Sorry, that is quite morbid.

It was creepy up in that attic. You could see where the rope had been tied . . . Not something a child would have been able to do.

What information was available, it seemed the little girl’s mother died a few years earlier. The father was suffering from a flu virus and knew he was not going to survive and there would be no one to care for his daughter.

It’s unclear whether the child was ill or not, but it follows that the father was doing what he felt was right by his daughter . . . 

According to the evidence we found in the attic — there were two nooses . . .

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