I’m not the most trusting person, so the thought of calling an Uber . . . scares me. How much do we really know about these drivers — and for that matter, they’re also taking a chance giving strangers rides. Remember what we’ve been told about hitchhikers?!? Oh well, such is life. Enjoy these stories.

I was in the mood for a few more scary stories. These are on the road . . . reminds me of the old urban legend about the guy with a hook for a hand . . . There’s always the fear of running out of gas on a spooky abandoned road out in the middle of nowhere. Or having car trouble. Enjoy these stories!

Do You Like Scary Stories?

It’s truly unfortunate how we think the worst . . . and too often it is proven to be true. I believe it is good for us to be cautious at all times — hyper vigilant with a healthy paranoia.

In the comfort of my own home behind locked doors I enjoy scary stories — ghost, paranormal as well as true to life ones. 

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