Apparations Caught On Camera

I love it when photographers catch apparitions on film … or with their digital cameras … It’s always a thrill to have something to share with others.

Ghosts are all around us … we just don’t capture their images as much as we would like … Maybe they’re shy … or we’re not looking in the right direction …

It’s the same with hearing EVPs … We just may not be tuned in to what they’re saying … even with all the wonderful equipment available today to help us out …

Join Kris Star In Her Comprehensive Exploration Of This Beautiful Property


It’s Always Wonderful To Learn Some History About Haunted Locations

Many times the stories are heartbreaking … but it is good to honor those precious lives … and allow their voices to speak their truth … 

Haunted places fascinate me … perhaps you, too … Of course for the paranormal investigators … And those who take care of these historic places … It is wonderful that they acknowledge the spirits that still remain on the property.

I hope you enjoyed this investigation … perhaps you have been there … or plan to visit ..


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