I Think We All May Know How It Feels When You Know Someone Is Looking At You . . . Or There Is Someone In The Room With You . . .

Lately, Heather’s senses have been on high alert, sensing a presence where there should be none. It was just yesterday when she found herself in the closet, searching for something amidst the dimly lit space. The door had been propped open to ensure it stayed put. But as she delved deeper into the lower section, the door began to close, an eerie force pushing against it. Instinctively, Heather resisted, pushing the door back to its original position. “Stop it!” she exclaimed, her voice filled with both frustration and fear. And in that moment, a profound solitude engulfed her, as if she was truly alone in this mysterious realm.

Later that night, as Heather tried to get to sleep, she felt again that “watched” feeling.

Heather Lives Alone, But With The Disturbances She’s Been Experiencing, Her Parents And Brother Visit Her . . .

Heather searched her whole room but no one was there. So once again she tries to sleep. The feeling is still there, so she turns to her other side and pulls the blanket over her head. She fell asleep for a little while but awoke, turned over, and saw shadows shifting slightly where there shouldn’t be any shadows. She pulls the blanket back over her head, but just before the blanket covers her head, she feels a breath of cold air on her face. She also noticed her vision had a weird tinted fog over it. Finally, she gets to sleep. In the darkness of the night, the mysterious presence lingers, unseen yet palpable. Heather retreats under the safety of her blanket, seeking solace from the unknown. As sleep momentarily claims her, she is abruptly awakened by an unsettling sight – shadows dancing where they shouldn’t. Attempting to shield herself once more, a chilling breath brushes against her face, and an eerie haze distorts her vision. But amidst the unease, slumber eventually wins out,  offering respite from the enigmatic forces that are around.

Heather and her mother share a unique connection with something beyond our senses. They hear the faint sound of footsteps and gentle knocking, as if a presence inhabits their home. While Heather’s father and brother remain skeptical, she and her mother firmly believe in their existence. Interestingly, they perceive two distinct energies. In the upstairs hallway, a masculine force lingers, while within the confines of Heather’s room, a softer, feminine essence resides. These experiences have forged an unbreakable bond between Heather and her mother, as they traverse the inexplicable together.

I Love This Time Of Year And Being Able To Select Spooky Seasonal Pictures . . .

It’s also refreshing to tell real ghost stories. There are some people who tell their stories to get some help. Others, like Heather, just want to tell their story. It seems she can handle it for herself — with the support of her mother.

Let’s have another Real Ghost Story!!

Sandy believes there’s something eerie lingering within the walls of their home, an enigmatic presence that sends chills down their spines.

Sandy’s skepticism has been shaken, as inexplicable occurrences unfold, leaving them perplexed and on edge. While she has yet to witness it firsthand, her husband has become the unwitting witness to these unexplainable events. From mistaking phantom footsteps for his wife’s return home to discovering disturbance in objects and even feeling a mysterious force beneath their mattress.


Sandy says their home feels permeated with an otherworldly energy. The house has no history of tragedy or lingering spirits, these inexplicable incidents have left them both apprehensive. The house whispers its secrets, leaving them questioning what lies beyond their realm of understanding.

They have gotten to the point of moving out and putting the house on the market. They just couldn’t continue living in that haunted house.

Just because no one died in the house doesn’t mean that a death couldn’t have occurred on the property before the house was built. The land is old — with history.

I do find it sad that Sandy and Bob felt forced out of their home. But if you’re uncomfortable and need to get away from the disturbances and the memories of them — then do what you have to do!

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