Experience The Thrill Of Living In A Place With A Ghost Story To Tell.

Park House Apartments on South Park Street in Madison, Wisconsin offers a unique blend of charm and intrigue. Imagine gazing out of your corner window, peeking through the branches of a majestic pine tree, and wondering what secrets it holds. Embrace the whispers of the past as you explore spacious closets and envision the possibilities. But be warned, this is not your ordinary apartment. With every creak and shadow, you’ll feel the presence of history, lending an air of mystery to your everyday life. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of Park House Apartments?

Living in a haunted apartment can be an eerie experience, as Zoey discovered during her junior year of college. From whispering voices to flickering lights and unexplained plumbing issues, the paranormal occurrences were enough to send chills down her spine. Despite her attempts to seek assistance from the apartment manager, the electrical and plumbing issues seemed to have no rational explanation. Tempted to flee, Zoey found herself bound by a lease that made breaking it financially burdensome. In this ghostly realm, Zoey’s resilience will be put to the test as she navigates through the inexplicable and embraces her haunted home.

That summer, Zoey’s parents dropped off her two youngest sisters (Jan and Pam) for a visit. Zoey had plans to go out that night with friends and left the girls in the apartment alone. The girls were excited to have the place to themselves, enjoying a night of television and pizza before falling asleep. As they slept, Jan was abruptly awoken by the sound of high heels clicking on the concrete outside the front door. She immediately assumed it was Zoey returning, but despite hearing talking and laughing, Zoey did not unlock the door. Jan peered outside, hoping to spot Zoey’s car in the driveway, but instead, she noticed a dark figure seated next to the towering pine tree. To her surprise, it was a little girl with curly hair and wearing a puffy dress. Overwhelmed by fear, Jan let out a piercing scream, waking up Pam.



Zoey Continued Living In That Haunted Apartment

Her sister, Lynn decided to move in with her. If you ever find yourself sitting at Zoey’s computer in the corner of the bedroom, be prepared for an eerie twist. Lynn would often feel a presence behind her, causing her to turn around in suspicion. And one fateful night, when Lynn’s friends gathered for a visit, inexplicable events unfolded. The music, like a whisper, kept fading away and the volume seemed to be turned down by an unseen hand. Goosebumps crept up their arms as some of the girls felt an invisible force pushing at them. Panic ensued when the door swung open and slammed shut, leaving everyone terrified and screaming. Experience the chilling tale of Zoey’s haunted bedroom, where every corner holds secrets and every moment is tinged with the supernatural.


Months went by, and Zoey and Lynn got used to living with “the others”.

The entire family moved in temporarily for 2 weeks – until they could get into their new home.

Their older brother set up his computer in the living room. Each night after work, he’d stay on it until 2:00-3:00 in the morning on his computer. One night Lynn was watching television while her brother was on his computer. After about an hour, she turned off the TV and headed to her room. Several minutes later, he came in and asked if she turned off the TV. Lynn told him she did. They walked together to the living room and the TV was turned on but it wasn’t on any channel, it was just fuzzy. He turned it off and Lynn headed to bed. Each night after that, the TV would turn on by itself and it would be fuzzy. He checked the circuits and made sure nothing would trigger it to turn on, even keeping the remote next to him. Still, it turned on by itself.

After that, Zoey’s computer would turn on by itself. Nights when she completely shut down the computer and unplugged the power cord, the computer would run by itself.

The week before the family was to move into their new home, their mom slept on Zoey’s bed while she was on her computer.

In the quiet moments of the night, a mysterious presence emerged, capturing their mom’s attention. A little blonde-haired girl, adorned in a puffy Victorian dress with black buckled shoes and a big bow in her hair, stood by the bedroom doorway. The resemblance to Alice in Wonderland was striking, yet her curly hair added a unique charm. As their mom gazed closer, the girl turned and vanished into the hallway.

Well, that was truly something. As soon as Zoey’s lease was up, she moved out. Lynn still gets goosebumps when she drives by that apartment building. No one in the family has experienced paranormal activities after moving away from that apartment.

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