Craig had many real ghost stories to tell. 

His first encounter occurred when he was around 7 years old. Engrossed in his backyard play, swinging on the set while his siblings and mother were occupied elsewhere, Craig suddenly heard the stern, almost severe voice of an elderly woman calling his name. Curiosity piqued, he glanced upwards and continued swinging, dismissing it as his imagination. Yet, the voice persisted, now infused with a touch of anger. Sensing something amiss, he promptly abandoned the swing and hurried inside to ascertain if his mother required his attention. To his bewilderment, she regarded him as though he had lost his mind, reassuring him that all was well and urging him to resume his play. However, Craig steadfastly refused to return to the backyard, guarding it vigilantly and forbidding his younger siblings from venturing there as well. Approximately an hour later, their neighbor Frank contacted Craig’s parents, alerting them to the presence of a menacing copperhead snake slithering beneath the shed, mere inches away from the swing set. Startled, Craig’s father summoned an exterminator, who, upon inspection, gasped in astonishment, revealing the startling revelation of an entire nest of eggs beneath the shed. Puzzled, Craig’s mother inquired as to why he had earlier entered the house, inquiring about her harsh-sounding call. He explained that he had instinctively known it wasn’t her, as the voice resonated with an ancestral wisdom akin to that of a grandmother. Moved by the revelation, she concluded, “Well, it seems you have a guardian angel watching over you.” Subsequently, Craig found himself regularly entangled in vivid, lifelike dreams, accompanied by the guidance of the enigmatic elderly lady whenever danger loomed in the vicinity.

Fast forward about 12 years, when Craig was 19, he found himself living in an older house with a roommate. This house belonged to his roommate’s grandmother, who unfortunately had advanced Alzheimer’s and was residing in a nursing home. Craig’s room happened to be the grandmother’s old room, and upon moving in, he immediately sensed a profound peace within its walls. It was later revealed during a conversation with his roommate that her grandfather had passed away in that very room, and even in the exact bed Craig was using. Although initially unnerved by this revelation, the room’s tranquil atmosphere managed to assuage his fears. As time went on, however, peculiar dreams began to haunt Craig once more. These dreams were strange and elusive, leaving him unable to grasp their true meaning. One particular late night, after falling asleep rather swiftly, Craig experienced a vivid and lifelike dream. In this dream, he found himself fishing (a hobby he had never pursued) with his younger sister. Tragically, she fell into the water and began struggling to breathe, swallowing a significant amount of water. In a panic, Craig rushed her to the emergency room, where the doctor advised him to closely monitor her for potential lung infections and to immediately dial 911 if any complications arose. Upon returning home from the hospital, his sister began to exhibit breathing difficulties. Abruptly waking up, Craig immediately paged his girlfriend and anxiously questioned whether something had happened to his sister. Just as he was about to call and ascertain her well-being, the piercing sound of sirens filled the air. Fearfully convinced that he had inadvertently dialed 911 while asleep, Craig attempted to rationalize the impending chaos to himself. Peering out the window, his eyes were met with a flood of police cars, fire trucks, and an ambulance, congregating outside the neighbor’s house. Overwhelmed with trepidation, Craig watched as the paramedics approached their destination.

Craig, an employee of the police department responsible for filing 911 reports, witnessed his neighbor, Frank, being brought out on a stretcher after an hour of confusion. Intrigued, Craig retrieved the corresponding report which revealed a mysterious woman’s urgent call at 2:53, reporting her neighbor’s need for immediate medical attention before abruptly hanging up. Seeking more details, Craig spoke with Frank’s wife, who disclosed that she was away at a relative’s house when someone called for help. Frank, unfortunately, had suffered a heart attack, fallen, and was unable to call for assistance himself.

Once he left the hospital, Craig approached him anxiously, seeking reassurance about his condition. With a gentle smile, he expressed his gratitude. Perplexed, Craig inquired about the reason behind it. Reflecting on the incident, he recounted how he had called out for help when he stumbled, and to his surprise, his former neighbor (nis roommate’s grandparent) came forward, assuring him of his well-being and vowing to fetch assistance. He vividly remembered observing his old friend making his way from his own home to Craig’s room, coincidentally facing his living room, and before he knew it, help was on its way.

As Craig pondered this extraordinary occurrence, he couldn’t help but wonder if he possessed an innate sensitivity to the world around him, perhaps even capable of manifesting his visions into reality. However, the perplexing aspect was why his dream would revolve around his perfectly healthy sister, unless he intuitively knew that it would be the most effective means of reaching out to Craig.

Regardless of the nature of this inexplicable event, Frank continued to thrive for many years, expressing gratitude almost every day for the invaluable act of saving his life.

Now that was a heartwarming tale, do you have time for another? Maybe something a bit more spooky?

Nicole once had a paranormal encounter that surpassed any previous experiences she had encountered before, but this particular incident took place in the basement of an antique store in a small town in northern Illinois. On a pleasant summer day, she and her mother were browsing through the antiques, unaware that the building used to be a hardware store. As they descended the stairs to the basement, a wave of dizziness washed over her, accompanied by a chilling thought of her head colliding with the pavement beneath her feet. Moving towards the back of the basement, Nicole’s gaze fixated on the corners of the ceiling, as if witnessing an elusive entity moving back and forth between them. Strangely, she envisioned a tiger prowling with agile shoulder blades and a stooped head. Despite these peculiar thoughts, they pressed on until suddenly a deep man’s voice slowly escalated into a savage scream, repeatedly exclaiming, “Get out, get OUT, GET OUT!, GET OUUUUUT!, GET OOOUUUUUUT!” The voice was tormented, carrying the weight of anger and grief. Goosebumps crawled up Nicole’s spine, and an eerie silence enveloped the basement, revealing that they were the only ones present. She turned to her mother, suggesting silently that they depart, but before receiving any response, Nicole glimpsed her sprinting away, ascending the stairs in a frantic frenzy. Unable to contain her panic, she cried out, pleading for her to wait and not abandon her in that petrifying moment.


Hesitatingly, they left the store, embarking on a somber journey home, concealing their inexplicable flight from conversation. It wasn’t until two weeks later that Nicole mustered the courage to discuss the ordeal with her mother. Both of them possess certain psychic abilities inherited from her late grandmother, making it peculiar that she hadn’t mentioned it earlier, as she had encountered numerous supernatural occurrences alongside or without her mother’s presence. Withholding the details, Nicole cautiously inquired whether she had heard someone yelling on that fateful day. Momentarily pausing her activities, she confirmed hearing the exact same cries. The frenzied tone and escalating anger of each “get out” perfectly mirrored her own experience. However, she remains adamant about divulging any further information, leaving Nicole alone to ponder the nature and significance of her encounter. Consumed by curiosity, she endeavored to uncover the town’s history, which proved to be disappointingly scarce. She stumbled upon a fragment of information suggesting that a man named George had tragically taken his own life during the time the store was operational. Regrettably, no concrete confirmation could be found. Despite continuing to encounter paranormal phenomena, none have come close to the sheer surprise and terror she experienced that day.

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