And Why Wouldn’t It Be With All The Ghost Stories Shared Here?

Every once in a while, I just like to come and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee to enjoy with my blueberry muffin. Yes, I do love a good ghost story, but today I just want to relax and I’ll sit alone in the back patio away from the others and their ghostly tales.

Oh dear, Ralph, the coffee shop’s resident ghost is out of sorts . . . Oh my! Someone left a Ouija Board back here — they must have been messing with it last night after the shop was closed. This has happened from time to time. Getting into the Halloween Spirit . . . Or it was tossed out here in order to get rid of it . . . People do some very strange things . . . I’ve never been very fond of Ouija Boards and have rarely used them with any sense they were accomplishing anything worthwhile . . . 

Well, so much for my quiet cup of coffee . . . I have a Ouija Board and an irritated ghost out here . . . . time to go inside and see what ghostly tales are being shared . . . Hopefully none about me and how I ran screaming out of an old haunted house when a cat jumped out of the shadows and scared me . . . I was halfway up the block by the time Barb caught up with me  . . . I really don’t like creepy old houses with basements . . .

I’ve enjoyed some attics , , , and then again, I’m sure something strange happened there, too . . . I just couldn’t get out of there as easily without breaking my neck . . . Yes, I do remember seeing a ghost of a woman who was preparing for the birth of her daughter , , , she was gathering up old clothes and toys for the child . . . .the furniture had already been moved out into the new nursery . . . It was a pleasant ghost sighting . . . chilling and a bit creepy . . . but pleasant in a weird way . . . 

I felt as though I was intruding, observing something that was none of my business . . . It is strange how we do see things from long ago as though they were happening right before us here and now . . . 

And We Feel The Same Or Similar Emotions Associated With What We’re Seeing . . . 

Wanted To Get A Bit Of The Halloween Spirit In Here With The Colors Of Autumn — My Favorite Season Of All

Ana was in the coffee shop eager to tell her story, but not sure where to begin. I was busy eating my blueberry muffin and letting Barb handle the ghost stories this morning.

“It all started after my roommate and I stopped being friends and I bought my first house,” Ana began. “It was built in 1958 and was abandoned from 1979 until about 1998. I fell in love with the house the moment I saw it, it was small and had such a lovely retro feel to it.”

She thought it odd that there was a complete lack of animal life in the yard. She neverr saw nor heard a single bird or squirrel. There was an eerie silence to the place.

In her first week of living there she remembered that a can of soup had mysteriously made its way from the kitchen cabinet to behind her pillow. She hadn’t had any guests in the house and  could see no reason for having put it there. It was just odd.

After that about a week later Ana was sound asleep at around 2:30 a.m. her doorbell rang four times, very loud distinct rings. She got up and went to the front door, but no one was there, still half asleep she cursed the kids next door thinking they were playing tricks on her. However, before she went back, she glanced at the door bell. To her surprise the button was completely missing and the whole mechanism looked broken, She tried to ring the bell but with no luck, this sent a wave of fear up her spine, and she slept with the lights on for two nights after.

After living in the house for several moths with a few weird happenings here and there, Ana decided to invite over a lifelong friend of hers,  Gary. He had never expressed any interest in the paranormal. They have known each other since they were 10, it just wasn’t something that interested him.


Before going to her new home, she and Gary had gone out to lunch, his personality was normal as well as his color. She noticed almost right away his attitude changed after they were in the house, as well as his color began to look pale. He started getting easily aggravated about little things, and started swearing frequently, he was like a whole different person.

At about 8:30 Gary just stood up and walked into the guest bedroom and went to sleep. He didn’t even say anything he just left! Ana shrugged it off and went to bed shortly after. At about 1:10 a.m. she woke up to the noise of Gary power puking in the bathroom. She got out of bed and went to assist him in the bathroom.

When I walked in he was completely nude and curled into a ball rambling “This place, this place is not right!” She decided to call 9-11 thinking he was on drugs or really sick from something he ate or took.

The next morning Ana visited him in the Hospital, She asked him what had happened to him. He told her the doctors found no cause of the extreme vomiting or delusions, in fact the EMTS told him he started coming to “reality” shortly before arriving to the hospital. Gary also told her from the moment he entered the house, he began to feel very strange and that he kept getting grotesque and disturbing thoughts and images in his head, and felt a heavy presences lurking over him. Needless to say he refused to return to the house.

This incident deeply disturbed Ana.

She lived in the house for six more months, living with unexplained noises and things being moved to weird places before she finally had gotten fed up with whatever it was in the house. She sold the house and moved out within a month. To this day when she drives by the home, she gets a sinking feeling in her gut and just wants to run for her life.

I don’t really know what to make of Ana’s story . . . I’m wondering if something evil was in the house . . .  Yet it didn’t make her ill, nor try to possess her or control her — other than her obsession with continuing to drive by the house . . . 

I can understand the feeling of having to run away from a house . . . and Ana did well by selling it and moving out. I think it best that she put this chapter behind her and create new memories in her new place and stop dwelling on the past . . . and her weird paranormal experiences . . .

Thanks for stopping by!


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