The Most Haunted Place!

It’s amazing someone would buy such a haunted property and quite remarkable how they allow paranormal investigators to come and see what they can see . . . We’re all looking for answers of what is beyond our limited reality . . . From what I’ve heard of the Conjuring story, I would not want to be anywhere near that farmhouse — it is evil . . . But here I am hooked on watching these investigations back to back . . . 

It’s my understanding that the land is haunted — it has a violent history . . . and then again it is an old property with many different types of people living on it . . . who knows what they believed or practiced or did on this farm . . . Will anyone actually know the truth?

Would You Stay In A Haunted House For Two Weeks?

I doubt I could stay in a haunted house over night — much less a week or two . . . but with other people and with investigating as the goal, it could change the focus a bit — but I am much more comfortable viewing this haunted farmhiouse from the comfort of my own home.

I’m Enjoying The Sleepless Unrest

After leaving the Conjuring House, things have been happening in the investigators homes with dreams and later seeing shadow people in the room with them . . .  they did bring things back with them . . . is it worth saving a momento? I would think not. I’ve always been told not to bring anything home from a haunted location . . . These investigators should know better!

It was a creepy experience for all of them — lots of sleeplessness and I don’t know if they really learned anything new . . . 

No one was able to put a name to any of the disturbances. Just lots of evidence of paranormal activity, but nothing significant to report.

And they’re continuing to be disturbed in their own homes — unbelievable! Not something I would tolerate. Not that they have much choice.

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