I Can Answer No For Myself — No Way Would I Allow Myself To Be Locked Into A Haunted Place!

Lately, I’ve been hooked on watching paranormal investigation documentaries on Amazon Prime Video. I find the different locations to be interesting as well as some of the experiences. And, then there are those that are downright frightening and give me a creepy uncomfortable feeling — something I don’t expecially like or welcome. I’m not into the demonic at all or those creatures that I don’t know what they are about with elongated arms . . . Gives me chills!!

I think it’s great there are brave souls who investigate such places and document their findings and experiences. So I can watch in the comfort and privacy of my own home — and to get a bit creeped out . . . ‘Tis the Spooky Season . . .

This plantation location has an awful history of cruelty and obscure surgical experimentation for who knows what purpose , , , I would imagine the energy in this location would be angry and frightened — all the more reason to stay far far away from it . . . And not allow myself to be locked in that location with all that energy — negativity . . .

Experience the true terror and astonishing encounters of four ordinary individuals who dared to uncover the haunting secrets within the infamous LaLaurie plantation. With no script or acting, their courageous exploration captures unimaginable events that will send shivers down your spine. Witness the sinister past of this Louisiana estate come alive before your very eyes, as you immerse yourself in a night of spine-tingling horror and awe-inspiring spectacles. Brace yourself for a truly unforgettable and chilling experience. Welcome to the dark side of the LaLaurie plantation.

This was truly more than any of them prepared to face — facing their own fears and I’m wondering if there are some things that are not to be known . . . Even with the best of intensions, one needs to know one’s limits and to be able to step away

Just wanted to inject a bit of the fun Halloween season into this post . . . Give you a bit of humor along with the creep and spine-tingling factor of a paranormal investigation.

This Is Truly A Terrifying Experience . . . One That Stays With You Far Beyond The End Of The Movie . . .

Halloween will be here before we know it! Yet the day may come and go, but the concept of the season lingers with many of us throughtout the year — and for our entire lifetime — it’s just something that interests us and captures our imaginations . . . Of course I love ghost stories and paranormal investigations . . . I believe in ghosts and the strange things that go bump in the night . . . I can get scared on a rainy or windy night . . . my imagination can go on overdrive , , , I can imagine all sorts of things . . . and I remember some frightening personal experiences I’ve had over the years . . .

Settle In For A Spine-Tingling Adventure!

This movie is a must-see for all thrill-seekers out there. Get ready to have your senses on high alert as it sends chills down your spine. With each hair-raising moment, you’ll find yourself glancing over your shoulder, captivated by the unknown. This film taps into the belief that there’s a mysterious world surrounding us, lurking just out of sight. Trust me, you don’t need to witness it firsthand to believe. I highly recommend this captivating masterpiece that guarantees an adrenaline-pumping experience, leaving you on edge, even if only for a short while.

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