Diane Was Pinned Down In Her Bed . . .

Diane’s nights had become a breeding ground for eerie encounters. As she lay in bed, a haunting presence loomed over her, making her feel like an unwavering gaze was fixed upon her. On one sleepless night, she couldn’t shake the disturbing sensation that something or someone was sharing her every breath. Desperate for solace, she confided in her boyfriend, who dismissed her fears as exaggeration. Determined to carry on, Diane tried to ignore the ominous entity, until the arrival of her boyfriend and his friend one fateful 2 a.m. Unsettling suspicions arose when his friend pointed towards the Santeria bracelets gracing her wrist, attributing the relentless watchful eyes to their existence. Upon closer inspection, they discovered an unsettling revelation – one of the eyes bore two menacing black dots instead of the usual one, marking the presence of an ‘evil eye’. Swiftly, they purged the malevolent charm with flames, ensuring its malefic influence was extinguished. As a precaution, they inspected the other bracelet, which luckily remained untainted. Diane chose to retain its protection, a constant reminder of her inexplicable ordeal.

That night, Diane drifted off into a peaceful slumber. However, her rest was disrupted by an uncanny dream, where the bracelet remained unscathed. Abruptly, she awoke lying on her back, a peculiar occurrence considering she had dozed off on her stomach and rarely changed positions during sleep. The sound of her brother’s preparations for school indicated it was approximately 5:30 a.m. Although it was still early, Diane yearned to return to her slumber. Alas, as soon as her eyelids fluttered shut, a peculiar sensation brushed against her shoulders, quickly escalating to an intense pressure that even left an indent on her bed.

Struggling to free herself, Diane’s attempts to scream were stifled, producing nothing more than a feeble breath. Panic set in as the pressure persisted and a gust-like sound filled her ears, growing louder with each passing moment. A disconcerting sensation coursed through her as if her insides were being gently tugged away from her body. Diane beseeched the heavens silently, pleading for respite. Instantly, the upheaval ceased, prompting her to flee from her room and descend the stairs. There, she found her brother already enjoying breakfast—a clock on the wall indicated it was 6:15 a.m.


Diane was startled when she discovered that one of the eyes on her bracelet now had two dots in it, even though it was completely empty the night before. Her grandmother, who has a peculiar connection with spirits, informed her that a spirit, specifically an envious male entity known as an incubus, desires Diane’s body as his own. This spirit takes advantage of her vulnerable moments in order to haunt her dreams, assuming the form of a friend or family member to have his way with her. Despite his attempts to subdue her, he always fails. Since the incident, Diane’s sense of detecting spirits or other entities in the room has heightened.

For those who have faced a similar predicament, consider implementing the following solutions:

1. Rearrange your room, focusing on the bed to confuse the spirit and make it unable to locate you;

2. Place a small glass of water under or near your bed, keeping in mind that it may evaporate rapidly, as this is to be expected when a spirit is present – refill the glass if it becomes empty;

3. Position a shot glass of ammonia under your bed, serving as a deterrent to scare away evil spirits who dislike strong odors – refill if needed;

4. Utilize genuine lavender incense, which aids in promoting sleep.

Remember, the more measures you take, the better. Do not simply endure the situation; take action.

Does it feel like October to you? Our weather is overcast and quite a bit cooler today . . . but I can’t say I’m in the Halloween Spirit just yet. Maybe I need to get Halloween candy and start wearing my witch’s hat as I’m walking around the neighborhood — some of my neighbors are decorating for Halloween . . .

Some go all out with mechanical stuff — last year I could hear that thing grinding through the night — my neighbor couldn’t turn it off!! I don’t know if it was a glitch or haunted . . . Or the neighbor just forgot to turn the thing off and was messing with us . . .

Some carved pumpkins may be fun — not too scary . . . unless I fill it with some dry ice . . . The things we do to have a creepy All Hallows Eve . . .

I Just Liked This Picture — Everyone Needs To Have A Ghost In A Bottle

We’ll Have A Little Change Of Pace With Nicole’s Real Ghost Story

By the time Nicole was in her early teens, she had encountered the paranormal a few times before, but nothing quite as terrifying as this. It was already late, around 2:00 to 3:00 a.m. when she finally decided to go to sleep. As someone who didn’t enjoy sleeping alone, she sought comfort in the presence of her loyal dog.

Although her mom had warned her about her sister’s old bedroom being haunted by an evil entity, Nicole wasn’t particularly bothered by it. She had just started to drift off when her dog suddenly began to whimper. In one swift motion, he bolted into the room, taking advantage of the open door, and hid beneath the bed. It took him about 10 minutes to finally reappear. Concerned, Nicole called out to him, but he remained unresponsive.


Growing increasingly scared, Nicole called her dog again. This time he emerged, but she was hesitant to let him go back into the room, so she shut the door. An hour or so went by without incident, leading Nicole to believe that she could try and get some rest. However, as soon as she closed her eyes, the door swung open and a chilling breeze swept across the room.

Keeping her eyes tightly shut, Nicole felt the bed begin to violently shake a few minutes later. She jolted upright, only to find her dog growling at her. In a sudden frenzy, he pounced towards her, prompting Nicole to forcefully throw him off. The dog quickly regained his senses and sprinted to Nicole’s mother’s room, with Nicole closely trailing behind. Since that night, Nicole has vowed to never sleep in that room again.



I like these guys — it’s what happens when you wait and wait and wait for the Great Pumpkin to show up . . . still waiting . . .

Oh, My Goodness! They Saw A Demon!

Nancy’s best friends have a unique sensitivity to the paranormal, and they recently shared an unsettling encounter with her. While strolling through the enchanting California wine country during daylight hours, the two friends witnessed a distressing scene involving a homeless man named Sam. Known for his eerie behavior, self-conversations, stalking tendencies, and fascination with the devil, Sam exuded an undeniable sense of menace.

Despite this chilling encounter, Nancy’s friends continued on their way. However, their fear escalated when a car slowly pulled up alongside them, revealing a teenage girl with a sinister appearance. Clad in black and sporting a pale, corpse-like complexion, this girl’s haunting gaze compelled the friends to flee in terror. As they sprinted down the street, they were stunned to see the same girl standing menacingly ahead of them—an impossible feat. Seeking refuge, they hastily sought solace in a nearby brewery, desperately praying that the girl would not pursue them.


The friends confided in Nancy, expressing their intense aversion to reliving such a harrowing experience and emphasizing that, although they had encountered numerous ghosts before, they had never encountered a presence as malevolent as this alleged “demon.”

Left with lingering questions, they pondered the connection between Sam and this entity. Sam’s interest in witchcraft and his overwhelmingly negative energy, combined with his prior stalking of one of the girls who witnessed the demon, fueled their speculation.

What do you think? Were those Real Ghost Stories creepy enough for you? I think they each had that creep factor! That demon one gave me chills . . . and the previous story — I think that dog was possessed! And, of course, I’m not too crazy about entities who mess with us!!

I do thank you for stopping by! I hope you liked the pictures I selected for this post — I do like this time of year!




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